Season 6

November 30, 2020

2020: Season Six

Episode Guests Hosts
250 | Not just for the bones, Calcium in the heart Matt Novello Gregory Robinson & Viki Tellios
#GradLife V: GradLife on Grad Life Monica Munaretto, Monica Molinaro, & Viki Telios Monica Munaretto, Monica Molinaro, & Viki Telios
251 | Chemical Engineering Grad to Be  Connor Wilson  Gavin Tolometti & Ariel Frame
252 | Transition from Undergrad to an Arts and Humanities Masters Alexandra Posnov & Daryl Peiber Nikol Posnov & Greg Robinson
253 | Fishie Mercury and a Crazy Little Thing Called Peat Jennifer Blythe Gregory Robinson & Yimin Chen
254 | Transition from Undergrad to Grad Student, Earth Science Edition Meredith Fyfe & Hanna Rzyszczak Gavin Tolometti
#GradLife VI: Finding a Job After Grad School Monica Munaretto, Jennifer Baytor, Monica Molinaro, & Viki Telios Monica Munaretto, Jennifer Baytor, Monica Molinaro, & Viki Telios
255 | Mapping Rocks Underground, But Not Magma Rhys Paterson Gavin Tolometti & Ariel Frame
256 | Environmental sustainability: The Elephant in the Room Alex Leonard Connor Chato & Yimin Chen
257 | Peering Through the Clouds of Titan Jahnavi Shah Nick Handfield-Jones & Yimin Chen
Special Episode: Neuroscience Research Day 2020 Sarah Klapman, Rajkamal Mann, Spencer Aarbuckle, & Andy Olin Ariel Frame & Greg Robinson
258 | Spaghetti-Noodles and Nanopores: Motion of Long-Chained Molecules Navid Afrasibian Nick Handfield-Jones & Yousuf Hasan
259 | Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Science! Trent Gordon Gavin Tolometti & Gregory Robinson
260 | Quest for Truth: God, Time, and the Problem of Evil Tyler Journeaux Connor Chato & Yousuf Hasan
261 | Creating Geo-Maps: Reducing Damages from Earthquakes Christopher Boucher Nicholas Hadfield-Jones & Yousuf Hasan
#GradLife at Home VII: Social Distancing and Productivity During COVID-19 Monica Molinaro, Viki Telios, & Gavin Tolometti Monica Molinaro, Viki Telios, & Gavin Tolometti
262 | Web 2.0 for Tykes: Health Apps for Digital Youth Danica Facca Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
263 | A Journey Through Spacetime: Interstellar and Star Formation Mohammad Chamma Yousuf Hasan & Gavin Tolometti
264 | Industry, Morals, and Paganism Jeff Swim Nick Handfield-Jones & Connor Chato
265 | 50 Shades of Tourism Kaitlyn MacDonald Gavin Tolometti & Rhys Paterson
266 | Under Pressure: Sneaking a Peak Inside Rocks Stephen Pilar  Rhys Paterson & Yousuf Hasan
#GradLife VIII: I’ve Got Another Meeting To Go To Monica Molinaro, Viki Tellios, Gavin Tolometti, Greg Robinson, & Nikol Posnov  Monica Molinaro, Viki Tellios, Gavin Tolometti, Greg Robinson, & Nikol Posnov 
267 | What can’t we map? Liz Sutherland   Gavin Tolometti & Sarah Klapman
268 | Internal colonialism: The world turned outside-in  Liam Clifford Sarah Klapman & Yousuf Hasan
269 | Mars Exploration, with Ice! Shannon Hibbard  Gavin Tolometti & Yousuf Hasan 
270 | The Electrical Trees Michael Feagan  Nikol Posnov & Layra Muñoz 
271 | Do rovers make good Geologists?  Alexis Pascual Gavin Tolometti & Nikol Posnov
272 | Simulating Moon Material Xiaochen Zhang  Nick Handfield-Jones & Ariel Frame 
273 | Birdie and the Brain Nicole Guitar  Monica Molinaro & Nikol Posnov
274 | Environmental Conservation, Kant, and Legal Philosophy Attila Ataner Ariel Frame & Yousuf Hasan
Special Episode: Western Research Forum 2020 part 1 Navjot Gill, Jaclyn Siegel, Kimberly Adamek, & Marziyeh Sajjadi Yimin Chen & Yousuf Hasan
Special Episode: Western Research Forum 2020 part 2 Brendon Samuels, Abby Al-Takriti, Alex Mayhew, & Chloe Stewart Rhys Paterson & Ariel Frame
Special Episode: Western Research Forum 2020 part 3 Dwaipayan "DP" Sarkar, John Palmer, Rebecca Meaney, & Aimee Josephine Sarah Klapman & Gregory Robinson
275 | Microaggressions, Slurs, and Hate Speech Heather Stewart Yousuf Hasan & Gregory Robinson
276 | Disability Advocacy amid Covid-19 Elizabeth Mohler Rhys Paterson & Yousuf Hasan
Special | Racial Equity and Inclusivity at Western Mohammad Sharifi Sarah Klapman & Yousuf Hasan
278 | Problems After Knee Surgery? There’s an App for That Morgan Jennings Gregory Robinson & Monica Molinaro
277 | Seeing Green: Economics and the Environment Emmanuel Murray Leclair Yousuf Hasan & Sarah Klapman
279 | Eating, Exercising and Extending Brain Plasticity Olivia Ghosh-Swaby Nick Handfield-Jones & Ariel Frame
280 | Caring With a Little Help From Our Friends Jovana Sibalija Monica Molinaro & Sarah Klapman
281 | Automation and Capitalism Dr. James Steinhoff  Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
282 | The Rwandan Genocide John Trafford Ariel Frame & Liam Clifford
283 | Lava-ing What I Do Gavin Tolometti Yousuf Hassan & Liam Clifford
284 | Light Bright Mice Tyler Dexter Ariel Frame and Laura Baena
285 | Heads, Shoulders, Knees and…Actually, Just Shoulders Rochelle Furtado Monica Molinaro & Ariel Frame
286 | Chemotherapy and Anticipatory Nausea Indra Bishnoi Yousuf Hasan & Liam Clifford
287 | Being a Qualitative Researcher: A Narrative Monica Molinaro Elizabeth Mohler & Viki Tellios
288 | Fighting the Monsters Inside Us: The Search for New Antibiotics Denny Chin  Elizabeth Mohler & Yousuf Hasan
289 | Facing Fascism  Jessi Gilchrist Yousuf Hasan & Liam Clifford
290 | Use It or Lose It: Exercise for Osteoarthritis Relief Jenna Schulz Viki Tellios & Monica Molinaro
291 | Planting the Seed to Success Shannon McKechnie Yousuf Hasan & Liam Clifford
#GradLife IX: Rejection Diaries Ariel Frame, Rhys Patterson, Laura Beana, Elizabeth Mohler, Danica Martina, & Liam Clifford  Viki Tellios, Gavin Tolometti, & Monica Molinaro
292 | Destructive or Life Harbouring? Hydrothermal Systems in Impact Craters Tabetha Shepphard Gavin Tolometti & Rhys Paterson
293 | Human Rights Tribunal Ontario (Special Episode) Jaclyn Siegel  Yousuf Hasan & Yimin Chen
294 | Managing Misinformation on COVID-19 Francesco Colosimo Elizabeth Mohler & Ariel Frame
295 | A Philosopher Walks into a Science Lab Erlantz Etxeberria Yousuf Hasan & Liam Clifford
296 | Untying the Myths Surrounding Tubal Ligation Anna Sui Elizabeth Mohler & Nikol Posnov
297 | How to Teach a Digital Brain to Pay Attention Haider Al-Tahan Liam Clifford & Gavin Tolometti
Special Episode: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Western Research Part 1  Kristin Prentice   Gavin Tolometti & Francesco Colosimo
Special Episode: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Western Research Part 2 Anna Sui Elizabeth Mohler & Gavin Tolometti
Special Episode: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Western Research Part 3 Hanna Grover and Amara Miles Yousuf Hasan, Elizabeth Mohler, & Gavin Tolometti 
298 | Talking the Talk about Walking the Walk Ashley Njeru Liam Clifford & Viki Tellios
299 | Best Friend Elements James Alexander Nikol Posnov & Viki Tellios
300 | Health Information Exchange among Caregivers Kendra Cotton Yousuf Hasan & Elizabeth Mohler
Special Episode: #GlobalGrads The Inaugural Episode Ricardo Moll Liam Clifford, Nikol Posnov, & Rhys Paterson
Special Episode: Power & Global Health Day 2020 Part 1 - Julia Albert Julia Albert   Elizabeth Mohler & Ariel Frame 
301 | The Golden Interview Jason Wozniak Yousuf Hasan & Elizabeth Mohler
302 | Domestic Abuse Against Men, an Unknown Issue Xavier Borsato Liam Clifford & Francesco Colosimo
Special Episode: Power & Global Heath Day 2020 Part 2 - Dr. Samuel Wong Dr. Samuel Wong  Liam Clifford & Francesco Colosimo