Season 2

July 13, 2019

2016: Season Two

Episode #43: Taking Mom to the Gym with Taniya Nagpal
Taniya Nagpal
Tristan Johnson
Episode #44: Rehabilitation Through Play with Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque
 Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque
 Tristan Johnson
Episode #45: All you Ever Wanted to Know about the Elbow with Ranita Manocha
 Ranita Manocha
Tristan Johnson 
Episode #46: Ugandan Refugee Communities with Shezan Muhammedi
 Shezan Muhammedi
 Tristan Johnson
Episode #47: Undervaluing Google Drive Labour with Alan Del Pino
 Alan Del Pino
 Tristan Johnson & Taniya Nagpal
Gradcast #48: Interviewpunk with Mark Filipowich
Mark Filipowich

Yimin Chen & Taniya Nagpal

Episode #49: Chilly Spiders with Susan Anthony Susan Anthony Tristan Johnson 
Episode #50: Trolling Yimin Chen Yimin Chen  Susan Anthony
Episode #51: Laying Down the Law with Anandita Ghosh Anandita Ghosh  Susan Anthony & Yimin Chen
Episode #52: Helping Moms with Natalie Scime Natalie Scime Emma Bridgwater & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #53: Facing Death with Cayley Bower Cayley Bower  Tristan Johnson & Susan Anthony
Episode #54: Detecting BS with Yimin Chen Yimin Chen Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #55: Feeling the Heat with Michael Allen Michael Allen Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #56: Giving Sharks their Space with Carla Joubert Carla Joubert Taniya Nagpal
Episode #57: From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Trump  Tristan Johnson Susan Anthony & Yimin Chen
Episode #58: Can't Beat the Peat with Julia Palozzi Julia Palozzi Alex Moszczynski & Susan Anthony
Episode #59: Getting Healthy with Jonathan Rom Jonathan Rom  Taniya Nagpal 
Episode #60: Can Plants Cure Cancer (maybe) with Shrikaar Kambhampati Shrikaar Kambhampati Tristan Johnson 
Episode #61: Think Tanks, and how they Shape Europe with Christopher Rastrick Christopher Rastrick Yimin Chen
Episode #62: Digging up the Past with Arwen Johns Arwen Johns Yimin Chen
Episode #63: The DL on IT in India with Indranil Chakraborty Indranil Chakraborty  Yimin Chen
Episode #64: Reaching Enlightenment with Kelsang Legden Kelsang Legden Yimin Chen
Episode #65: Defining Success with Cliff Davidson Cliff Davidson Tristan Johnson & Yimin Chen
Episode #66: Crickets, But in a Good Way with Jantina Toxopeus Jantina Toxopeus Taniya Nagpal & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #67: Community Mental Strength with Kristy Townsend Kristy Townsend Taniya Nagpal & Emma Bridgwater
Episode #68: Mother, Worker, Disabled with Melanie Stone Melanie Stone Taniya Nagpaland & Tristan Johnson
Episode #69: Getting Libraries to Modernize, and Greyhounds to Roo with Claire Burrows Claire Burrows Tristan Johnson & Yimin Chen
Episode #70: An Appointment with Doctor Dalia Hasan Dalia Hasan Jina Kum & Susan Anthony
Episode #71: Talking Revolutions with Jaime Brenes Reyes Jaime Brenes Reyes  Tristan Johnson
Episode #72: Speaking Words with Chantal Lemire Chantal Lemire Tristan Johnson & Emma Bridgwater 
Episode #73: Internet and Music with Kristopher Ohlendorf Kristopher Ohlendorf Alex Moszczynski & Yimin Chen
Episode #74: Live at the Western Research Forum Susan Bird & Anandita Ghosh  Tristan Johnson & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #75: Western Research Forum Keynote Speaker Anabel Quan-Haase Anabel Quan-Haase   Tristan Johnson & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #76: Prepping for a Conference with Kristen Wallentinson Kristen Wallentinson  Tristan Johnson
Episode #77: Live at WUGSOM 2016 Mary Blake Bonn, Kyle Hutchinson, Rebecca Long, Steven Janisse, and Gregory Walshaw Tristan Johnson
Episode #78: Juggling with Benedict Chang Benedict Chang Alex Moszczynski
Episode #79: Improving Libraries with Kirstyn Seanor Kirstyn Seanor Yimin Chen & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #80: Making Music with Matthew Becker Matthew Becker  Alex Moszczynski
Episode #81: Taking Control with Annalise Trudell Annalise Trudell  Yimin Chen & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #82: Working out with Andrew Hanna Andrew Hanna  Alex Moszczynski
Episode #83: Reading the News with Charlotte Britten Charlotte Britten  Yimin Chen & Tristan Johnson
Episode #84: Working on Parkinsons with Tara Condos Tara Condos Emma Bridgwater
Episode #85: The One Where Yimin Sings Yimin Chen Tristan Johnson 
Episode #86: Human Sacrifice with Diana Moreiras Diana Moreiras  Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #87: Epic Wins with Luke Arnott Luke Arnott Emma Bridgwater & Yimin Chen
Episode #88: A Healthy Community with Kirstyn Seanor and Melanie Stone Kirstyn Seanor and Melanie Stone Susan Anthony & Taniya Nagpaland 
Episode #89: Bogged Down with Mikhail Mack Mikhail Mack  Adrienne & Julia Palozzi