Season 1

May 19, 2020

2015: Season One

Episode Guests Hosts
1 | The Postmortem with Steffie and Shelby Steffie & Shelby  Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski
2 | The Graduate Game Plan: Strategies for Success from the Winter Teaching Conference Lisa Fadden, Melissa Jacquart, Mike Ravenek, and Katarina Grolinger Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski 
3 | A Crash Course in Vehicle Collisions with James Roos James Roos Tyson Davis & Jina Kum
4 | The Dark Side of Being a Sweetheart with Anish Engineer Anish Engineer Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski
Gradcast Valentine’s Day Special: Your Scientific Guide with Sarah Stanton Sarah Stanton Alex Moszczynski
Gradcast Louis Riel Day Special: Keeping it Riel with Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips  Alex Moszcynski
5 | The Addition on Editions with Eric Green Eric Green  Alex Moszcynski
6 | True Patriot Passport with Robyn Schwarz  Robyn Schwarz Alex Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson
7 | The Health of the Community with Mike Aloisio Mike Aloisio  Alex Moszczynski & Joseph Donohue
8 | Delivering Santa's Rations with Samantha Desroches Samantha Desroches Alex Moszczynski & Eric Green
9 | The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – Canadian Edition with Claire Halstead Claire Halstead Ramina Adam & Eric Green
10 | Having Words with Frontier College Brandon Belbeck & Katherine Lee Tyson Davis & Jina Kum 
11 | Public History with Dominik Svehla Dominik Svehla Tyson Davis & Eric Green 
12 | A New Understanding of Seizure with Jaime Brenes Reyes Jamie Brenes Reyes Ramina Adam & Tristan Johnson
Gradcast Chakmagate Special: #UWOWork4Food with Tyler Turek Tyler Turek Tristan Johnson
13 | Oil and Water with Ben Li Ben Li Joseph Donohue & Eric Green
14 | Our Partners in Science with Caroline Strang Caroline Strang  Alexander Moszczynski & Ramina Adam
15 | España y América, Los Mejores Amigos con Gregg French Gregg French Tristan Johnson
16 | The Psychology of Patriotism with Kelly Barnes Kelly Barnes Jina Kum & Tyson Davis 
17 | Butenol and the Beast with Eric Doerr Eric Doerr Jina Kum
18 | Libraries and Social Media with Mark-Shane Scale Mark-Shane Scale Ramina Adam & Tyson Davis
19 | Dealing with your Flatulent Spouse with Joel Armstrong Joel Armstrong Alexander Moszczynski & Jina Kum  
20 | Locating Rocks with our Ears with James Kryklywy James Kryklywy Alexander Moszczynski & Adrienne Borrie
21 | Turning Swords into Plowshares... or Dumping them in the Sea with Alex Souchen Alex Souchen Tristan Johnson & Tyson Davis
22 | Synchrotron Legacy: History and Particle Accelerators with Madalena Kozachuk Madalena Kozachuk  Ramina Adam & Tristan Johnson
23 | Double Doctor with Jessica Blom Jessica Blom Jina Kum & Alexander Moszczynski 
24 | Locked In with Steve Beukema Steve Beukema Ramina Adam & Adrienne Borrie
25 | Paid in Bitcoins with Jordan Van Dyke Jordan Van Dyke Tyson Davis & Jina Kum
26 | Sleep and Muscle Memory with Jeremy Viczko Jeremy Viczko  Ramina Adam & Alexander Moszczynski
27 | Genes, ALS, and that new Grad Student Smell with Zach Hawley Zach Hawley  Alexander Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson
28 | Qui est le Canada avec Geoffrey Keelan Geoffrey Keelan Tyson Davis & Alexander Moszczynski 
29 | The Post-Grad School Opportunities Part 1 Adrienne Borrie, Tyson Davis, & Alexander Moszczynski  Tristan Johnson
30 | The Post-Grad School Opportunities Part 2 Adrienne Borrie, Tyson Davis, & Alexander Moszczynski  Tristan Johnson
31 | Tyson's Exile Tyson Davis Alexander Moszczynski
32: |Live Fast, Black Hole Young with Parshati Patel Parshati Patel   Alexander Moszczynski & Adrienne Borrie
33 | Jacqueline Dron is Good for our Cholesterol Jacqueline Dron Jina Kum & Alexander Moszczynski 
34 | Lexical Stressed out with Elkin Sierra Elkin Sierra Tristan Johnson 
35 | Political Violence and its Legacy in Bangladesh with Hana Ahmed Hana Ahmed Ramina Adam & Tristan Johnson 
36 | Sex Workers, the Untold Story with Nathan Dawthorne Nathan Dawthorne Alex Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson 
37 | The Farming Secrets with Kelly Abrams Kelly Abrams Alex Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson
38 | Training new Doctors with Sonya Van Nuland Sonya Van Nuland Alex Moszczynski 
Gradcast Remembrance Day Special: War Stories with Steven Marti Steven Marti  Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski
39 | In Solidarity with Cayley Bower Cayley Bower Tristan Johnson 
40 | Keeping the Beat with Dan Cameron Dan Cameron Tristan Johnson
41 | Sorting Music with Jason Neal  Jason Neal Tristan Johnson
42 | Reducing Harm with Hilary Agro Hilary Agro Tristan Johnson