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June 20, 2020


GradCast is the official radio show and podcast of the Society of Graduate Students at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2012, the mandate of the GradCast Editorial Board is to highlight graduate students at the University of Western Ontario in a media context. We aim to showcase the innovative research that graduate students are conducting at Western University and appeal to various audiences including those within and beyond the academic community. 

The GradCast radio show airs every Wednesday at 1:30 pm on CHRW 94.9 FM, and episodes are uploaded to our website weekly. From History to Histology, we show you the cutting edge research of one of Canada's top research universities. 


We are always looking to have more Western University graduate students on the show. If you are a Western University graduate student, email us at gradcastradio@gmail.com.


GradCast Editorial Board

Managing Editor:

    Ariel Frame

Social Media:

    Viki Tellios

Recording Secretary: 

    Rhys Paterson

Show Hosts:

    Connor Chato

    Gregory Robinson

    Yimin Chen

    Ariel Frame

    Nick Handfield-Jones

    Monica Molinaro

    Viki Tellios

    Gavin Tolometti

    Nikol Posnov

    Laura Munoz 

    Rhys Paterson

    Yousuf Hasan

    Sarah Klapman

    Liam Clifford

Past Members:

    Susan Anthony

    Emma Bridgwater

    Tyson Davis

    Andrew Hanna

    Sabrina Hope

    Tristan Johnston

    Jina Kum

    Alex Moszczynski

    Navneeth Mohan

    Charlotte Panneton

    Richard Raycraft

    Jenna Schlorff

    Taniya Nagpal

    Chantal Lemire

    Roger Hudson

    Joyla Furlano



Ariel Frame

ariel.jpg Ariel is a PhD student in the neuroscience program at Western University. He moved to London from Vancouver in 2016 in order to begin graduate school at Western. He is a neurobiologist who is currently researching aging, metabolism and memory in hopes that his future work will address the mechanisms underlying Alzheimer's disease etiology. Ariel likes in depth discussions on controversial topics, playing soccer and the number three.

Lab website: www.thecumminglab.com

Twitter: @ArielFrame

Interview: Episode #167: The Super Secret Sex Life of Fruit Flies


Yimin Chen

yimin.jpg Yimin is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies whose research interests encompasses all sorts of online communication: from fake news to internet memes. When he isn't busy with GradCast, Yimin likes to spend his time not working on his thesis on the classification of internet trolling behaviours.

Interview: Episode #110: Memes and Pepes with Yimin Chen



Viki Tellios

Viki Tellios is currently a PhD student in Neuroscience and has been a part of the Western community for 7 years (and counting), previously completing her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Classical Studies. Her research journey began during undergrad, working on a wet lab project at Lawson Research Institute. Here, she investigated the role of nitric oxide on corneal wound healing. Becoming interested in nitric oxide as a therapeutic target in a variety of diseases, she continued this research into her PhD, focusing instead on its elusive role in neuronal development in the cerebellum at Robarts Research Institute. Outside of her research, Viki enjoys engaging with other graduate students at Western and considers GradCast the ideal outlet to do so.

Contact: vtellios@uwo.ca

Interview: Episode #153: When Dendrites Go Dend-Wrong




Nicholas Handfield-Jones

nick.jpg Nicholas Handfield-Jones is a second-year Master’s of Neuroscience student. His work uses high-powered magnetic resonance imaging to uncover the anatomy and function of a brain region called the striatum. He joined GradCast because of his interest in podcasts and editing. In his free time, Nick can be found writing fantasy books or playing tactical RPGs.

If you would like to contact Nick, please send him an email at nicholas.handfield@gmail.com, or catch him at twitter @NHandfield

Interview:Special Episode #173: The Blackhole of the Brain



Gregory Ian Robinson

Gregory is a first year Master's student in Physiology and Pharmacology / Developmental Biology. His research includes maternal insults on brain and heart development. Among making and listening to podcasts, Gregory's hobbies include music, sports, and socializing. Gregory loves to play the guitar and sing covers of his favourite songs. His favourite sports are football, basketball, and tennis. If you need to talk to Gregory, you can find him at the GradClub with a beer in hand after a long day in the lab.

You can reach him through social media or email...

Instagram: @GregoryIanR
Twitter: @GregoryIanR
Email: Gregory.Robinson@uwo.ca
Interview: Special Episode: Greg Goes to Grad School!


Gavin Tolometti

gavin.jpg Gavin is a PhD candidate in the Earth Sciences department and the Center for Planetary Science and Exploration. He moved to Canada in 2016 after completing his undergraduate degree in Scotland, and immediately became involved with his department and field work. His research focuses on the surface properties of lava flows and rocks melted during meteorite impacts. If you ever talk about going for hikes, kayaking in a lake or river, or just wanting to chill at a pub Gavin will always be interested and excited!


Interview:Episode #184: Billie Jean is Not My Lava


Connor Chato

connor.jpgConnor is an Msc Student studying the Phylodynamic Clustering of HIV using Bioinformatics methods. This essentially means trying to tell computers what to do by typing frantically at them (Coding). Although his current focus is HIV, past work focused on Yeast, a topic that inspired his very non-academic hobby of beer making. Other hobbies include back-country camping, avid podcast listening, and (with Gradcast) podcast making.

On the off chance you happen to be into the Phylodynamics of HIV, or just want to see what that looks like, you can check out the coding projects going in Art Poon's lab at https://github.com/PoonLab

 Interview: Special Episode: Time to Track AIDS


Monica Molinaro

Monica Molinaro is a PhD Candidate in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Program, specifically in the Health Promotion stream. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences from McMaster University and a Master of Science in Kinesiology from Wilfrid Laurier University. Her research aims to critically analyze pediatric oncologists' and nurses' narratives of providing care to children diagnosed with cancer. In her spare time, she throws axes, critiques the Bachelor, and is an amateur tea aficionado. Monica is also the recipient of the SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS).

Feel free to connect with her via twitter: @MonicaLMolinaro

 Interview: Special Episode: Behind the Scenes Experience of Health Care Providers in Pediatric Oncology


Nikol Posnov

Nikol Posnov is an M.Sc. student in the Department of Earth Sciences and the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration studying Geomicrobiology. Her research focuses on microbial habitat generation through impact bombardment by combining geological impact alteration classification methods with biological life-detection techniques. Her goal is to explore the relationship between shock-induced alteration and microbial colonization, thereby determining the extent to which these rocks can serve as an effective habitat for life on Mars. She did her bachelor in Medical Sciences and she is extremely undecided on whether she would like to pursue to do her Medical Degree or Ph.D. Nikol secretly wants to become an Astronaut once she finishes school. In her free time, Nik likes to run, play volleyball, have drinks with her friends and family at the cottage, and of course participate in GradCast!

Interview: Locating the Homes of Extinct Martian Microbes


Laura Munoz

Laura is a PhD student in the department of Microbiology and Immunology. Her research focus on understanding evolution in virus genomes. She is particularly interested in overlapping reading frames, which are chunks of the genome that encode more than one protein and are though to be used for viruses to create new genes. Since Laura moved to Canada, she has had to learn to enjoy the winter, so she now likes to take long walks around London and escape the city every time she has the chance in order to visit new places of what she describes as a freezing but fascinating country.



Yousuf Hasan

My name is Yousuf and I'm currently doing my PhD in Philosophy at Western. Broadly speaking, I’m interested in 20th century History and Philosophy of Science and Mathematics. I’m fascinated espeically by methodological issues that are discussed between scientifically minded philosophers. These philosophers were also physicists, mathematicians, or logicians who were engaged in philosophical questions such as:



  1. Can we be optimistic about our current best scientific theories given the graveyard of theories?
  2. What makes mathematical statements such as ‘2+2=4’ certain and distinct from statements about the world say, ‘it is raining outside’?
  3. Can we know the limits of our language and what can be said meaningfully?

Although my research is on understanding scientific theories, I end up engaging with the above questions as they are discussed by 20th century philosophers such as Rudolf Carnap, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Bertrand Russell. At GradCast, I enjoy hosting shows and nowadays I’m focusing on #gradlife issues especially on wellness and wellbeing given the pandemic.

Interview: The Graveyard of Scientific Theories
Contact: Rotman Institute of Philosophy


Rhys Paterson

Rhys Paterson is an M.Sc. student in the Department of Earth Sciences at Western University. Her research focuses on Ontario’s Paleozoic geology, specifically sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of the Silurian-age Clinton-Medina Groups. In her free time, Rhys likes to hike, bake cookies, do yoga, as well as go on adventures around Ontario. 

If you want to talk science or just hang out at the grad club (with poutine in hand), you can email her at rpaters9@uwo.ca


Liam Clifford

 Liam_Photo_rotated_8lp8a.jpgLiam is a Master’s candidate with the Department of Political Science. Originally hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he moved to London from Mississauga, Ontario to undergo his first Master’s in History at Western. While dealing with past research including the perpetration of internal colonialism and cultural genocide in Ireland, his current interest involves Russian geopolitical strategy in Eastern Europe’s “frozen conflict” zones.  When school is not occupying his time, he enjoys soccer (football!), playing Fallout, and trivia at the Grad Club. Don’t get him starting on his love of flags or ability to name any country’s capital.

Twitter: @LNJClifford

Email: lcliffo@uwo.ca

Interview: Episode #268: Internal Colonialism: The World Turned Outside-In. Listen to it on Podbean or YouTube!