260 | Quest for Truth: God, Time, and the Problem of Evil

March 24, 2020

Tyler Journeaux, an MA candidate at Western's Philosophy Department, shares his journey for truth and how his search for God led him to pursue research in the philosophy of time, science, and mathematics. Cohosts Connor Chato and Yousuf Hasan asked him questions about philosophy and theology. Tyler expressed his preferred argument for theism: an argument from contingency especially as discussed by Copleston and Bertrand Russell in their BBC Broadcast in 1948. He also explained why he was interested in the philosophy of time in particular. And finally, Tyler provided a response to a challenging problem for theism: the problem of evil, according to which the presence of apparently gratuitous evil makes the existence of an all-good,all-knowing, and all-powerful God unlikely. For more on what Tyler thinks on topics of philosophy and theology, please visit his blog: https://tylerjourneauxgraham.wordpress.com
(Correction by Tyler on a comment he made in the podcast: the definition of omniscience should have been: “for any true proposition P, God knows P, and for any false proposition Q, God does not believe Q.”)

For more about Tyler, check out his blog.

Produced by Ariel Frame