Season 4

July 29, 2019

2018: Season Four

Episode Guests Hosts
Episode #149: Baby: "It's Cold Outside. My Mother Will Start To Worry" Faraj Haddad Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Special Episode: "Why Am I Here?" A Questionable Conversation With The Lego Grad Student Lego Grad Student Yimin Chen & Chantal Lemire
WUGSOM Part 1: Live! at the Western University Graduate Symposium on Music WUGSOM Organizers & Researchers Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Episode #150: Advocating for Accessibility Martin Ross  Roger Hudson & Chantal Lemire
Episode #151: Raving Autobiographically M. Gillian Carrabré Yimin Chen & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #152: The hot and cold of lava Gavin Tolometti Susan Anthony & Navaneeth Mohan
WUGSOM Part 2: Meaningful Music and Women in Song WUGSOM Organizers & Researchers Susan Anthony & Navaneeth Mohan 
Episode #153: When Dendrites Go Dend-Wrong Viki Tellios Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Episode #154: Bad Ass Beetles Jackie Lebenzon Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Episode #155: From the World to Western Henry Awere Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Episode #156: Fiendishly Free Markets: Critiquing Colossal Capitalism Alexandre Desbiens-Brassard  Charlotte Panneton & Roger Hudson
Episode #157: Moderation in Marijuana Chris Norris Navneeth Mohan & Viki Tellios
Episode #158: GradCast at the Western Research Forum (Part 1: Hearts) Emily Carlisle & Dr. Shelley McKellar Yimin Chen & Navaneeth Mohan
Special Episode #159: Let's Get Physio! Liz Fryer Ariel Frame & Viki Tellios
Special Episode #160: Mission Weather Balloon Alexis Pascual, 
Gavin Tolometti, Liam Innis, and Matthew Svensson
Navneeth Mohan & Taniya Nagpal
Episode #161: FIMULAW on Friday Kelly Bylica Roger Hudson & Navneeth Mohan
Episode #162: Taking a Closer Look at the Womb Lauren Smith Ariel Frame & Roger Hudson
Episode #163: Solidarity forever Shannon Potter & Dmitri Marin Ariel Frame & Navneeth Mohan
Episode #164: Solidarity Forever: What's the deal?   Shannon Potter & Laura Cabral Taniya Nagpal & Navneeth Mohan
Episode #165: Brain Scanning With Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Dickson Wong Yimin Chen & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #166: The Super Secret Sex Life of Fruit Flies Ariel Frame Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Episode #167: Canada Needs You Today! Romanian-Canadian Enlistment in WWI Ilinca Olariu Yimin Chen & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #168: Time Flies with Matt Bernardinis Matt Bernardinis Ariel Frame & Viki Tellios
Episode #169: Who Cares When We Get Old? Nicole Dalmer Ariel Frame & Roger Hudson
Episode #170: #UREnough Kelsey Sick Roger Hudson & Taniya Nagpal
Episode #171: The Small-Scale SIMS David Reyes Figuero Susan Anthony & Navaneeth Mohan
WUGSOM Part 3: Live! at the Western University Graduate Symposium on Music Rachel Avery  Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Episode #172: Exercise and Pregnancy Dr. Margie Davenport Roger Hudson & Taniya Nagpal
Special Episode #173: The Blackhole of the Brain Nicholas Handfield-Jones Susan Anthony & Chantal Lemire
Episode #174: Keeping fit and having fun into old age Joyla Furlano Yimin Chen & Nick Handfield-Jones
Episode #175: Getting pregnant mothers to train in Spain Taniya Nagpal Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Special Episode: Medicine, Then vs Now with Dr. Bocking Dr. Douglas Bocking & Matthew Lund Roger Hudson & Viki Tellios 
Episode #176: Hockey Night in Canada  Bipin Dhillon Nick Handfield-Jones & Roger Hudson
Episode #177: A Serious Stink  John Ciancio Roger Hudson & Viki Tellios
Episode #178: A Private View of Public Administration Elmond Bandauko Nicholas Handfield-Jones & Viki Tellios
Episode #179: Small but Mighty Microglia Matthew Maksoud Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Episode #180: Don't Fly So Close to Me Wes Robinson Ariel Chen & Taniya Nagpal
Episode #181: Calculated Disorder  Cecilia Chavez Garcia Nick Handfield-Jones & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #182: Beetlemania Kurtis Turnbull Nick Handfield-Jones & Taniya Nagpal 
Episode #183: The Power of Working Together (Part 1) Natasha Ouslis Nick Handfield-Jones & Chantal Lemire
Episode #184: Billie Jean is Not My Lava  Gavin Tolometti Yimin Chen & Viki Telios
Special Episode: Western University Symposium on Music 2018 Natalia Skomorokhova, Sonja Dass, & Rachel Gain Roger Hudson & Taniya Nagpal
Episode #185: Everybody Wants to Be a Macho, Macho Man Ryan Schroeder Yimin Chen & Greg Robinson 
Episode #186: Cat Got Your Tongue? Cat Boucher Ariel Frame & Nick Handfield-Jones
Episode #187: Being Chinese in Madagascar Mingyuan Zhang Yimin Chen & Viki Telios
Episode #188: Walking the Plank Abdullah Al-Jaja Nick Handfield-Jones & Gavin Tolometti
Episode #189: Who Let The Moths Out?  Aida Parvizi Ariel Frame & Joyla Furlano
Episode #190: Follow the Data to Sustainability Julian Barg Ariel Frame & Gregory Robinson
Episode #191: Enter the Matrix Ethan Jackson Yimin Chen & Nick Handfield-Jones 
Episode #192: The Mental Health Maverick Madison Bettle Nick Handfield-Jones & Chantal Lemire
Episode #193: Kant get no satisfaction Chris Shirreff Ariel Frame & Roger Hudson
Episode #194: Ontario Works with Elena Hillman Elena Hillman Yimin Chen & Chantal Lemire
Episode #195: Knockin' on Truth's Door Marie Gueguen Roger Hudson & Gregory Robinson
Episode #196: Heads Up! Justin Smith Ariel Frame & Gregory Robinson
Episode #197: Caffeine or no caffeine… Anisa Morava Joyla Furlano & Gregory Robinson
Special Episode: Greg Goes to Grad School! Gregory Robinson Joyla Furlano & Taniya Nagpal
Special Episode: Time to Track AIDS Connor Chato Taniya Nagpal & Gavin Tolometti