Season 5

June 4, 2020

2019: Season Five

Episode Guests Hosts
197 | The Master of Modelling Nickolas Goncharenko Connor Chato & Nick Handfield-Jones
198 | The Space Magnets Don't Lie Gianfranco Bino Connor Chato & Nick Handfield-Jones
199 | The Land Before the Land Before Time Carolyn Hill Yimin Chen & Gregory Robinson
200 | The Catcher in the Mind Jeremy Johnston Chantal Lemire & Gavin Tolometti
201 | Why is Jason in the Hospital? Lily Yosieph Connor Chato & Yimin Chen
202 | The Rock Superstar Rebecca Doyle Gregory Robinson & Gavin Tolometti
203 | The Ethics of Pragmatic Clinical Trials Cory Goldstein Ariel Frame & Gavin Tolometti
204 | Modeling Eusocial Genes Mathematically Vonica Flear Connor Chato & Nick Handfield-Jones
205 | The Eusocialist Revolution Anna Chernyshova Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
206 | To Bee or Not to Bee Anthony Gallo Nick Handfield-Jones & Roger Hudson
207 | Chillin' with Arachnids  Susan Anthony Ariel Frame & Gavin Tolometti
208 | Who Eats Healthy in High School?  Drew Bowman Roger Hudson & Gregory Robinson
209 | The Research and Realities of Pregnancy Susan Anthony & Taniya Nagpal Chantal Lemire
210 | Locating The Homes of Extinct Martian Microbes Nikol Posnov Joyla Furlano& Gavin Tolometti
211 | Craters, Carbonates, and Bears in the Field! Nicolas Garroni Monica Molinaro & Gavin Tolometti
212 | - . .-.. . --. .-. .- .--. …. Telegraphs  Michael Feagan Roger Hudson & Nick Handfield-Jones
213 | Behind the Scenes Experience of Health Care Providers in Pediatric Oncology Monica Molinaro Roger Hudson & Gavin Tolometti
214 | Transitioning from Undergrad to a STEM's Master's  John Palmer & Aida Noorbakhsh Connor Chato & Joyla Furlan
215 | An Astrobiology Tale on the Great Moon Titan  Josh Hedgepeth Connor Chato & Gavin Tolometti 
216 | Meditating on Musical Minimalism Martin Ross Yimin Chen & Joyla Furlano
217 | The Vine that Ate the South  Kenny Reilly Roger Hudson & Nick Handfield-Jones
#GradLife I | Impostor Syndrome and Feeling Like Garbage Monica Molinaro, Viki Telios, & Gavin Tolometti Monica Molinaro, Viki Telios, & Gavin Tolometti 
218 | Hear Here  Sonia Varma Yimin Chen & Monica Molinaro 
219 | The Mighty Mite  Matt Meehan Nikol Posnov & Gregory Robinson
GradCast on Tour: Society for Neuroscience 2018 Part 1 Society for Neuroscience annual conference: Peter Zambetti & Jamal Williams Joyla Furlano, Roger Hudson, & Viki Tellios
220 | the Super-Powered Stomach of a Spider Mite Zoran Culo   Nikol Posnov & Chantal Lemire
GradCast on Tour: Society for Neuroscience 2018 Part 2 Society for Neuroscience annual conference: Guy Hwang & Michelle Stone Joyla Furlano, Roger Hudson, & Viki Tellios
221 | DynoMite  David Letwin Connor Chato & Nikol Posnov 
222 | Sick of Suffering with Staph? Perk up with PurR  Dr. Mariya Goncheva Roger Hudson & Monica Molinaro
Special Episode: Western Research Forum Part 1  Sara Holland & Bella Wang Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Special Episode: Western Research Forum Part 2  Yasin Yasin, Laura Johnson, & Sarai Guerrero Yimin Chen
223 | Cannabis and Blowing Smoke - It's Not All THC and CBD Roger Hudson  Nikol Posnov & Gregory Robinson
224 | Monkey See Monkey Do Borna Mahmoudian Connor Chato & Nikol Posnov
225 | The Svelte Fool Who Works on Melt Pools Will Yingling Ariel Frame & Nikol Posnov
226 | Inuvialuit Living History Rebecca Goodwin

Yimin Chen & Nikol Posnov

227 | A Different Kind of Pessimism Arthur Schopenhauer

Nick Handfield-Jones & Connor Chato

228 | Advocating for Advocacy Amy Lewis

Connor Chato & Monica Molinaro

GradCast on Tour: Canadian Association for Neuroscience 2019 Bryan Jenkins

Ariel Frame & Roger Hudson

#GradLife Episode II: Finances and $1 Scones Demetri Pananos from Two Broke Grads

Monica Molinaro & Viki Tellios

229 | The Art of Sound Ellen Moffat

Roger Hudson & Ariel Frame

230 | There’s No Plankton Like Zooplankton Rosie Savage

Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame

231 | Unlock the Secrets to Becoming a Poker Pro Adam Rooney

Gregory Robinson & Gavin Tolometti

Special Episode: GradCast on Tour Gordon Research Conference - Cannabinoids in the Brain with Andrew Roebuck Andrew Roebuck

Roger Hudson & Nicholas Handfield-Jones

232 | Romanian Immigrants, or Enemy Aliens? WWI Edition Ilinca Olariu

Yimin Chen & Viki Tellios

233 | How Bacteria Can Create Alternative Fuel Colin Couper

Gregory Robinson & Gavin Tolometti

Special Episode: CanMoon - Lunar Sample Return Analogue Mission Cassandra Marion

Gregory Robinson & Nikol Posnov

234 | Cataloging Without Plato Alex Mayhew

Monica Molinaro & Gavin Tolometti

235 | The Power of Working Together (Part 2) Natasha Ouslis

Nick Handfield-Jones & Chantal Lemire

236 | Get With the Program Stem Cells! Alex Kozlov

Gregory Robinson & Ariel Frame

#GradLife Episode III: What Can PSAC610 Do For You? Katelyn Mitri from PSAC Local 610

Monica Molinaro & Gavin Tolometti

Special Episode: Master of Public Health Poster Day 2019 Harvir Sandhu, Rachelle Roussel, Nour Kachouh, Jessica Hill, Jenna Schlorff

Jenna Schlorff & Nikol Posnov

237 | Making Neurons to Study Autism Kartik Pradeepan

Ariel Frame & Gregory Robinson

238 | From the Arctic to Mars Chimira Andres

Connor Chato & Nikol Posnov

239 | Its a Bird, it’s a Plane, No it’s Flying Microbe Particles! Matthew Svensson & Mohammed Chamma

Gregory Robinson & Nikol Posnov

240 | How to relax in one of the world’s biggest magnets Megha Verma

Connor Chato & Ariel Frame

241 | Sonic the Hedgehog Danielle Spice

Nick Handfield-Jones & Nikol Posnov

Special Episode: BGRF 2019 Keynote - Bones, Joints and Super Healing Mice Dr. Roman Krawetz

Joyla Furlano & Gavin Tolometti

242 | On the Origin of Viral Genes Laura Muñoz

Gavin Tolometti & Nick Handfield-Jones

243 | Transitioning From graduate work to Research in STEM Professor David Smith

Connor Chato & Nikol Posnov 

244 | The musical animal: Why are we such a musical species? Nathan Oesch

Connor Chato & Ariel Frame

Special Episode: BGRF 2019 - Mutant Flies & Model Bees Josh Isaacson & Vonica Flear

Joyla Furlano & Gregory Robinson

245 | Trouble making our cellular toolkit Josh Isaacson

Nikol Posnov & Connor Chato

246 | The Graveyard of Scientific Theories Yousuf Hasan

Ariel Frame & Gavin Tolometti

247 | Rock Hard for Hard Rocks Russell Ashton

Nikol Posnov & Gregory Robinson

248 | Caring for Caregivers Lisa Moszczynski

Yimin Chen & Connor Chato

249 | Many Stories of the Trans Identity Evelyn Newland

Joyla Furlano & Connor Chato

#GradLife On Holiday Episode IV: “When are you done?” And Other Annoying Questions Monica Molinaro, Viki Telios, & Gavin Tolometti

Monica Molinaro, Viki Telios, & Gavin Tolometti