213 | Behind the Scenes Experience of Health Care Providers in Pediatric Oncology

April 26, 2019

We’re welcoming our newest host and GradCast Committee member, Monica Molinaro! Monica is a PhD Candidate in the Health Promotion stream of the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences graduate program, and a qualitative health researcher. In this episode, hosts Roger Hudson and Gavin Tolometti talk with Monica about the use of narrative methodology to understand the experiences of health care providers caring for children with cancer. Monica discusses how storying experience often highlights more than just the story itself, how long it takes to transcribe an interview, and her experiences throughout her time in graduate school! If you'd like to contact Monica, email her mmolina3@uwo, or find her on twitter @monicalmolinaro.

Hosts: Roger Hudson & Gavin Tolometti 


Produced by Nick Handfield-Jones