#GradLife Episode II: Finances and $1 Scones

August 15, 2019

We’re bringing you another #Gradlife episode with a special guest - Demetri Pananos! Demetri is co-host of the podcast Two Broke Grads and is currently completing his PhD here at Western in Biostatistics. In this episode, Monica, Demetri and Viki talk about finances - conferences, grocery shopping, and stresses related to money. They also share some of their tips for saving money!

Like this episode? Let us know! We barely covered the tip of the iceberg for finances and are always willing to discuss what our listeners are interested in.

You can follow Demetri @PhDemetri and his podcast Two Broke Grads @2BrokeGradsPod on Twitter - find Two Broke Grads on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you listen to podcasts!