319 | A Recipe For Plant-Based Chicken (vaccine)

April 6, 2021

In this episode, Carly Charron talks with hosts Elizabeth and Rose (with some quick peeps from Rhys) about her research on a plant-based vaccine to prevent Salmonella infection in poultry which she is doing for her Masters in Biology at Agriculture Canada. Starting from a talk in her 3rd year course to undergrad thesis in the same discipline, Carly covers the what’s, who’s, and why’s of the vaccine, and its importance on future farming practices and overall health of chickens. 

To learn more about Carly’s research, you can email her at ccharro5@uwo.ca or find her on Facebook and Instagram. 


Full video available on YouTube

Recorded March 23, 2021 

Produced by Rhys Paterson 

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