Episode #171: #UREnough

Taniya and Roger speak to Kinesiology Master's student Kelsey Sick. Kelsey studies the health impact of reducing sedentary behaviour in Type 2 Diabetes patients and she is also the co-founder of a community wellness initiative, UREnough. https://urenough.org Instagram: @UREnoughh Twitter: @UR_Enoughh Facebook: UrEnoughh

Kelsey Sick


Episode #170: Who Cares When We Get Old?

Care giving for the elderly is a hard job. How hard? Nicole Dalmer is looking into it. Nicole Dalmer from FIMS tells Ariel and Roger about her work on elder care, policy and aging in place. 


Producer: Chantal Lemire


Episode #169: Time Flies with Matt Bernardinis

Time flies when you're having fun, but the visual perception of time can vary between individuals. Matt Bernardinis, a second year MSc student in Biomedical Engineering, has designed a way to assess visual perception in terms of distance, time and velocity in Parkinson's patients. Discover the intricacies of this interdisciplinary field and more with hosts Ariel and Viki.



Episode #168: Canada Needs You Today! Romanian-Canadian Enlistment in WWI

By the time the First World War began, over 8000 Romanian immigrants had established new lives in the young Dominion of Canada. Over the course of the war, hundreds would enlist in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces to fight for a country they barely knew. History MA student Ilinca Olariu delves in archives and museums in search of their stories. Yimin and Navaneeth host. Want to find out more about Ilinica? Follow her on Instagram @ilincaolariu or Twitter @ilincaolariu



Episode #167: The Super Secret Sex Life of Fruit Flies

Yimin and Roger have an enlightening chat with Ariel Frame about his work testing memory in fruit flies in order to determine the role lactate might play. As the new chair of GradCast, Ariel also discusses the importance of science communication. To hear more from Ariel, check out his 3 minute thesis on youtube, his supervisor's lab website or @arielframe on Twitter. 



Episode #166: Brain Scanning With Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Dickson Wong is pursuing both a medical degree and a research doctorate as a student in Western's MD/PhD program. Today on GradCast, Dickson speaks to Navaneeth and Yimin about his work using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to study changes in brain chemistry related to Alzheimer's disease. Dickson is @dickson11 on twitter and can also found on LinkedIn.image1_1_.jpegedIn. 



Episode #165: Solidarity Forever: What’s the deal?

Shortly following last week's interview with the GTA labour union, the university and the union agreed to a tentative deal. Though the deal leaves much to be desired, the settling dust calls for a moment of introspection before looking to the future. Laura Cabral - strike committee member, among other roles -  recalls the many sleepless nights and cheapshots endured on the path to this deal. Hosted by Tanya and Nav.

Laura Cabral


Episode #164: Solidarity forever

Over the past 8 months, the labour union of Western Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) has led them in a fight against the university for better living standards. With the onset of final examinations, GTA labour is more crucial than ever. Yet, both sides are unwilling to bend, risking a lockout or a strike. How did things get here? Join Ariel and Nav on today's episode while they untangle this story with Shannon Potter, President of the GTA labour union and Dmitri Marin, a member of the Bargaining Team. 

 To contact the bargaining team, you can email them at gta.bt@psac610.ca

Or check out their website at gta.psac610.com 



Episode #163: Taking a Closer Look at the Womb

Roger and Ariel spoke with Lauren Smith about her work in the medical biophysics program coming up with a new way to image inside the womb completely non-invasively. Learn from Lauren how this development could drastically help diagnose problems in prenatal babies, and what effects a "Western" diet may have on them. 

You can follow the research at Medical Biophysics





Episode #162: FIMULAW on Friday

Coming up April 13th, 2018, a conference that integrates 3 diverse faculties - Information & Media Studies, Music, and Law - into the FIMULAW Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Day. A conference that facilitates a conversation between diverse experts and participants through panel discussions and musical performances. Join Navaneeth and Roger while they chat with Kelly Bylica, the Music Faculty's representative, who gave us a sneak-peak on what this conference has in store this time.