Episode #186: Cat Got Your Tongue?

Cat Boucher is an MSc Neuroscience student working in Dr. Stephen Lomber's lab. Cat tells Ariel Frame and Nick Handfield-Jones about her work studying deafness and hearing in the brain. Her research is looking to show how some brain regions may be involved in processing visual and auditory input. Various treatments for deafness were also discussed. To find out more you can tweet her @catcortex or find her on Instagram @skepticat
To learn more about the illusions discussed here, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-lN8vWm3m0
Produced by Viki Telios



Episode #185: Everybody Wants to Be a Macho, Macho Man

What does it mean to be a man? Do the movies that we watch influence the ways in which we understand masculinity? Ryan Schroeder, MA student in Media Studies, think so. This week, hosts Yimin Chen and Greg Robinson learn about how the presentation of male protagonists in films has changed, and perhaps softened, over the years––from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ryan Gosling. 

Produced by Nick Handfield-Jones



Special Episode: Western University Symposium on Music 2018

In this special episode, hosts Taniya Nagpal and Roger Hudson interview three talented students - Natalia Skomorokhova, Sonja Dass and Rachel Gain -  participating in the Western University Graduate Symposium on Music. A variety of topics are discussed, including the ways in which music can imitate art, feminist advocates ahead of their time, and what in the world a harpsichord is! 


Episode #184: Billie Jean is Not My Lava

How do you study rocks up in space? Look at comparable formations here on Earth! Hosts Yimin Chen and Viki Telios learn about the work that Earth and Planetary Science PhD student Gavin Tolometti has been doing with Western's Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX). On this episode: lava, impact craters, karaoke, and Scrabble!

Produced by Ariel Frame


Episode #183: The Power of Working Together (Part 1)

Hosts Nick and Chantal speak with Natasha Ouslis about recent research progress from her Masters Thesis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, with special emphasis on the nature of teamwork and very prominent ways these concepts play out in our daily lives. 


Episode #182: Beetlemania

Taniya Nagpal and Nick Handfield-Jones talk to Kurtis Turnbull about his recent research trip to New Zealand and the beetles he studied there. This episode produce by Chantal Lemire.



Episode #181: Calculated Disorder

Nick Handfield-Jones and Nav Mohan interview Cecilia Chavez Garcia about her computational work with intrinsically disordered proteins and how these proteins may impact disease. Cecilia is doing her PhD with Dr. Mikko Karttunen. To read more about her work you can check out their website http://www.softsimu.net/people.shtml. This episode was produced by Ariel Frame.


Episode #180: Don’t Fly So Close to Me

Ariel and Taniya discuss fruit fly research on Autism and social spacing with Wes Robinson. Wes is a MSc student in Dr. Anne Simon’s lab in the Biology department. This episode produced by Roger Hudson.



Episode #179: Small but Mighty Microglia

Host Yimin and Roger talk to Neuroscience Ph.D. Candidate Matthew Maksoud about an often overlooked cell in the brain - microglia. These small but mighty immune cells may hold the key to a host of neurological disorders. To learn more about Matthew's research, you can contact him at mmaksoud@uwo.ca


Episode #178: A Private View of Public Administration

Elmond Bandauko speaks with Viki Tellios and Nicholas Handfield-Jones about the current state of public administration efforts in Canada, with unique insights regarding municipal policies, particularly in London, Ontario.