Special Episode: #GlobalGrads Episode III: Endearing India

In the series' third episode, hosts Liam Clifford and Rhys Paterson speak to Earth Sciences Master's student Richa Agarwal about her time as a Western student. Originally from Pune, India, Richa endears her home by comparing its sights and sounds to those she has experienced in Canada. From Nova Scotia to Niagara Falls, her journey touches upon the highlights of her experiences and how nicely it complements the Western student body.

If you would like to learn more about Richa's experience in Canada and her work, you can follow her on Instagram @doctorvworp19


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Recorded on Jan 17, 2021

Produced by Gavin Tolometti

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#Gradlife XI: How To Own Your Future

#GradLife is back with our first episode of 2021! Starting off the year strong, we bring an episode covering a topic that a lot of graduate students ask ourselves and each other probably every other day, "what job can I get with my degree?". We are all taught to focus on specific projects and problems and we never stop to think, "Can I apply my skills in other fields? or Will my specific skill set be a hinderance when applying for jobs?". I am pleased to tell you that no matter how specified your degree is, you have a stronger and broader skill set than you realize!

The University of Western Ontario offers a Doctoral Professional Development Program called "Own Your Future" with the aim to provide workshops and seminars for Masters and PhD students that will enhance their skills and abilities for academic studies and future careers. In this #GradLife episode, hosts Gavin Tolometti and Elizabeth Mohler talk with Dr Julie Jonkhans, who is the coordinator for Own Your Future. She talks about what Own Your Future can offer graduate students and how you can best apply the skills you have to finding jobs after grad school.

If you would like to learn more about Julie's involvement or have questions about the development program, you can email her at julie.jonkhans@uwo.ca or check out the Own Your Future website https://www.uwo.ca/ownyourfuture/ 


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Recorded on Jan 5, 2021

Produced by Gavin Tolometti

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307 | Why Do We Make The Choices We Do?

On this episode, hosts Yousuf and Francesco discuss cognitive dissonance with Master’s of Psychology candidate, Mikayla Colthirst-Reid. With a background and industry experience in marketing, social media and communications, Mikayla is attempting to explore how our own self-perceptions affect our decision-making processes and behaviours. She discusses how this phenomenon could make our choices predictable to a certain extent and therefore exploitable by marketing campaigns. Mikayla is returning to school after 7 years of industry experience in both corporate and not-for-profit roles. She also continues to do freelance work as a social media strategist and consultant and hosts a podcast dedicated to mindful marketing for online entrepreneurs.

If you would like to learn more about Mikayla and her work, you can follow her on Instagram @themikaylavictoria or connect with her on LinkedIn.


Full video available on YouTube

Recorded on Jan 5, 2021

Produced by Gavin Tolometti

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308 | Exploring Our Red Planet

Did you know Mars has seasons too? Different from ours, but they are there. In this episode, Ariel Frame and Elizabeth Mohler sat down with Vidhya Ganesh Rangarajan who shared his research which focuses on studying active surface processes on Mars. These include phenomena that may be driven by wind, water, frost, dust and/or seasonal atmospheric changes seen on Mars. 

To find out more from Vidhya, follow him on Twitter @vidhyaganeshr93

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Recorded on Jan 12, 2021

Produced by Ariel Frame

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REBROADCAST 93 | Taking the Blue Pill with Dan Perdic

This week we speak with Dan Perdic, a media studies scholar looking at the misogynist Red Pill online community.

Hosts: Yimin Chen & Tristan Johnson

Recorded on Nov 29, 2016

Produced by Susan Anthony

REBROADCAST 231 | Unlock the Secrets to Becoming a Poker Pro

On this episode, hosts Gavin and Greg discuss game theory with a PhD Candidate in Economics, Adam Rooney. From childhood, Adam has been an avid poker fanatic often hosting poker tournaments with his friends. When he came to university, he started with $50 in his bank account, which he used as a buy in for online poker tournaments. After winning many tournaments, he cashed out with an undergraduate degree education. Now he is in his PhD studying what he loves most, poker. And most importantly, he has many poker tips and tricks. Tune in to unlock the secrets of how you can become a poker pro too!

Recorded on Aug 27, 2019

Produced by Gavin Tolometti

Theme Song by Matthew Becker

REBROADCAST 122 | A Constellation of Voices

Andrew Hanna and Yimin Chen speak with Mary Blake Bonn about the role of voices in musical understanding, as well as her work as the president of SOGS.

Recorded on June 20, 2017

Produced by Susan Anthony

REBROADCAST 247 | Rock Hard for Hard Rocks

Russell Ashton has been a working man since he was 10; first running his own very successful neighborhood lawn services business, and now working as a Mechanical Engineer at a Junior Mineral Exploration Company. So why is Russel even in school doing his Masters? Tune in and listen to hosts Greg and Nik pick his brain about how to get your job to pay for your education. 

Recorded Dec 3, 2019

Produced by Gregory Robinson

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306 | A Hearty Dose of Cannabis

Gregory Robinson enlightens hosts Ariel Frame and Nikol Posnov about his research on the impact of cannabis during development. As a soon to be MSc graduate from the physiology and pharmacology department's collaborative specialization program in developmental biology, Greg has discovered some novel effects that cannabinoids, THC and CBD, have on the developing fetal heart when ingested by the mother. They are not good for the baby's heart and Greg explains why. 
To hear more about Greg and his research follow him on Twitter @GregIanRobinson or check out his supervisor's Twitter @QFeng3

Recorded December 15, 2020

Produced by Laura Munoz Baena

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305 | Scandalous American Presidencies

With lame duck Trump and president elect Biden incoming, the world is sharply tuned in to American political scandals involving their presidency. Danielle McLennan is an MA student in history investigating various American political scandals including the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, whistleblowers and American news media in general. Ariel Frame and Yousuf listen closely as Danielle describes scandals of the past and explains how similar issues are tackled in this day and age. 
Danielle can be found on Twitter @mynameisjonp1 and recommends you also follow Daniel Ellsberg on Twitter @DanielEllsberg

Recorded December 12, 2020

Produced by Laura Munoz Baena

Theme song provided by https://freebeats.io Produced by White Hot

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