352 | Space Rocks! From Craters to Careers

November 24, 2021

Join hosts Amalie Hutchinson and Laura Munoz-Baena as they sit down with recent PhD grad Gavin Tolometti to learn about how space rocks, rock! Gavin shares how he uses remote sensing techniques and field research here on Earth to figure out how impact craters and lava flows affected the landscape of the moon. In addition to rocks beyond our planet, our conversation flowed into some impactful advice about life beyond the degree. 

To hear more about Gavin, you can find him on twitter as @GavinOnTheMoon, visit his website, or listen to his podcast The Diaries of Space Explorers

Recorded on November 9, 2021.

Produced by Laura Munoz Baena.

Theme song provided by https://freebeats.io/ Produced by White Hot.