Episode #87: Epic Wins with Luke Arnott

This week we talk to FIMS graduate Luke Arnott. We talk about the epic, and how it impacts things like super hero stories.

Hosts: Emma Bridgwater & Yimin Chen


Episode #86: Human Sacrifice with Diana Moreiras

This week we meet with Anthropologist Diana Moreiras using sophisticated new techniques to find out about the lives of those religiously sacrificed in the Aztec Empire.

Hosts: Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski


Episode #85: The One Where Yimin Sings

This week we talk to Yimin about some of the fun work he is doing on memes and internet communities.

Host: Tristan Johnson


Episode #84: Working on Parkinsons with Tara Condos

This week, our heroes meet with Tara Condos, working on the debilitating Parkinson's Disease.

Host: Emma Bridgwater