Special Episode: Medicine, Then vs Now with Dr. Bocking

In this Special Episode of GradCast, guests Dr. Douglas Bocking and Matthew Lund speak with hosts Roger Hudson and Viki Tellios about medical school education in Canada. Comparisons between today's medical school curriculum relative to the accelerated curriculum implemented during World War II are discussed. Dr. Douglas Bocking is a former Dean of Medicine and former Vice President of the Health Sciences Department at Western University, and a member of the Order of Canada. Matthew Lund is a current medical student attending Western and current President of the Osler Society for Medical Students at the university. 


Episode #175: Getting pregnant mothers to train in Spain

GradCast team member Taniya Nagpal recently returned from a trip to the Technical University of Madrid in Spain, were she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ruben Barakat on two projects involving exercise and pregnancy. On the show today, Ariel and Yimin find out about how exercise might be key in preventing and treating diabetes and depression in expecting mothers. Exercise and pregnancy lab website


Episode #174: Keeping fit and having fun into old age

You may have heard that "exercise is the best medicine" - neuroscientist Joyla Furlano is working to see if that might be true. On this episode of GradCast, Nick and Yimin learn about the neurological link between diabetes and Alzheimer's in older adults and how regular exercise might be a promising preventative treatment for dementia.


Special Episode: The Blackhole of the Brain - Nick

Hosts Chantal Lemire and Susan Anthony interview the newest member of GradCast, Nicholas Handfield-Jones about his research on Parkinsons.