Episode #164: Solidarity forever

Over the past 8 months, the labour union of Western Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) has led them in a fight against the university for better living standards. With the onset of final examinations, GTA labour is more crucial than ever. Yet, both sides are unwilling to bend, risking a lockout or a strike. How did things get here? Join Ariel and Nav on today's episode while they untangle this story with Shannon Potter, President of the GTA labour union and Dmitri Marin, a member of the Bargaining Team. 

 To contact the bargaining team, you can email them at gta.bt@psac610.ca

Or check out their website at gta.psac610.com 


Episode #163: Taking a Closer Look at the Womb

Roger and Ariel spoke with Lauren Smith about her work in the medical biophysics program coming up with a new way to image inside the womb completely non-invasively. Learn from Lauren how this development could drastically help diagnose problems in prenatal babies, and what effects a "Western" diet may have on them. 

You can follow the research at Medical Biophysics




Episode #162: FIMULAW on Friday

Coming up April 13th, 2018, a conference that integrates 3 diverse faculties - Information & Media Studies, Music, and Law - into the FIMULAW Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Day. A conference that facilitates a conversation between diverse experts and participants through panel discussions and musical performances. Join Navaneeth and Roger while they chat with Kelly Bylica, the Music Faculty's representative, who gave us a sneak-peak on what this conference has in store this time. 


Special Episode: Mission Weather Balloon

Taniya and Nav interview an Interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists (Alexis Pascual, 
Gavin Tolometti, Liam Innis, and Matthew Svensson) who have come together to study microorganisms in the atmosphere by launching a weather balloon in April!



Special Episode: Let’s Get Physio!

We know that all dogs go to heaven, but can all dogs go to physiotherapy? This week Viki and Ariel spoke with Liz Fryer, a second year student in the Master of Physical Therapy program here at Western. Join us as we discuss placement experiences, current research in the field, and some unconventional canine therapies. 
You can follow up with Liz on program details and more at @elizabethfryer on Instagram or efryer3@uwo.ca