Episode #154: Bad Ass Beetles

Last week, the snow in our backyard thawed, and out of the ground came a host of pesky bugs. For Jacqueline Lebenzon, that is research fodder! She studies a species of beetle - the Colorado potato beetle - because their extraordinary winter survival tactic could hold the cellular key to battling aging. Tune in with Roger and Nav.

You can follow Jackie's science and art at jackielebenzon.com and on Twitter @JackieLebz

Hosts: Rogen Hudson and Navneeth Mohen  



Produced by Susan Anthony


Episode #153: When Dendrites Go Dend-Wrong

You might think it's laughing gas or a race car fuel, but NO! Nitric Oxide is a crucial compound vital for healthy brain function. Viki Tellios is a neuroscience PhD student working to find out just how NO affects cerebellum development and maintenance. On this episode, Ariel and Yimin learn about an unexpected connection between Bill Nye and "drunk" mice.

If you would like to know more about Viki's research, you can email her at vtellios@uwo.ca

Hosts: Yimin Chen and Ariel Frame



Produced by Susan Anthony

WUGSOM Part 2: Meaningful Music and Women in Song

Continuing our coverage of the Western University Graduate Symposium on Music, Yimin and Roger speak with Elizabeth Mitchell about her work on inclusive arts for children with disabilites and with Martha Schulenburg about what "Vamp" songs reveal about the role of women in the early 20th century.

Hosts: Yimin Chen and Roger Hudson



Produced by Susan Anthony

Episode #152: The hot and cold of lava

We heard that Gavin works with lava, and we thought you should hear about that too. He's smashed solid lava with a hammer. Has melted it in a furnace. Sliced it into hair-thin discs. Because somewhere in there is the key to understanding our moon and many extraterrestrial planets. Join Susan and Navaneeth as they discover how to research on the rocks.

Look for more info on Gavin's work on his blog at


And on Twitter


Hosts: Susan Anthony and Navaneeth Mohan



Produced by Susan Anthony