Episode #151: Raving Autobiographically

From disco to techo, Musicology PhD student M. Gillian Carrabré takes us through a musical (and personal) history of rave culture. Join hosts Navaneeth and Yimin as we learn about the principles of PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) and about conducting field research as a participant-observer. 

You can find Gillian on Radio Western (CHRW 94.9) Tuesday nights from 8:30 - 10pm, or streaming online at radiowestern.ca/stream.

You can also follow Gillian's music choices on Soundcloud at mixcloud.com/elektribe

And here we have a link for Gillian's Autobiographical Mixtape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6e3R-aA2LA&list=PLLXLRf3CzrHShdY6H1I2NCA7-7qQNeXm9

Hosts: Yimin Chen and Navaneeth Mohan



Produced by Susan Anthony

Episode #150: Advocating for Accessibility

Roger and Chantal talk to SOGS Accessibility Commissioner, Martin Ross, and accessibility advocate Ashton Forrest about resources for graduate students with disabilities.


Hosts: Roger Hudson and Chantal Lemire



Produced by Susan Anthony

WUGSOM Part 1: Live! at the Western University Graduate Symposium on Music

In this episode, hosts Roger and Yimin are introduced to the WUGSOM organizers and researchers studying how music reflects and enriches our lives.


Hosts: Yimin Chen and Roger Hudson



Produced by Susan Anthony

Special Episode: “Why Am I Here?” A Questionable Conversation With The Lego Grad Student

The Lego Grad Student visited Western as the special guest for the 2017 SOGS Graduate Wellness Forum and GradCast was fortunate enough to get him into the recording booth! Join Yimin and Chantal in conversation with Dr. Lego Grad Student as he reflects on his life in plastic.

Follow his exploits on social media at:





Hosts: Yimin Chen and Chantal Lemire



Produced by Susan Anthony

Episode #149: Baby: “It’s Cold Outside. My Mother Will Start To Worry”

What happens when pregnant mothers get sick? Ariel and Yimin discuss maternal infections during pregnancy and its effect on neurodevelopmental disorders - with Faraj Haddad.

Follow along with his work at the Schmid Lab at: http://www.theschmidlab.com

Hosts:Yimin Chen and Ariel Frame



Produced by Charlotte Panneton