Episode #148: Be gone Bacteria, you Baerly have a chance

Last year, at the SOGS Western Research Forum, we spoke with Brandon Baer. His work on antibiotic-resistant bacteria caught the interest of many of you so we invited him again! Passionate as before about his work, he has been on the path to develop a new therapy for treating a whole range of bacterial lung infections. Curious? So join Navaneeth and Roger on today's episode. 
Hosts: Navaneeth Mohan and Roger Hudson



Produced by Susan Anthony

Episode #147: Pretty Fly for a Social Guy

Yimin and Ariel spoke with Ryley Yost about his work looking into the social behaviour of the fruit fly Drosophila, and what techniques are needed to experiment on this interesting little model organism.


Hosts: Yimin Chen and Ariel Frame



Produced by Susan Anthony 


Episode #146: Learning from Adversity

Navaneeth and Ariel talk with Niki Kamkar about her work studying how stressful events in children affect response to reinforcement.


Hosts: Ariel Frame and Navaneeth Mohan



Produced by Susan Anthony