Episode #147: To Hibernate, Perchance to Dream

What happens when animals hibernate? Kate Mathers is working to find out! Catch her conversation with Susan and Yimin about Doritos, arousal, and adorable 13-lined ground squirrels.unnamed.jpg


Episode #146: Hey Doctor, What’s Smoking?

Have you reached for a cigarette and been advised to take a walk instead? Well, Matthew Fagan is speaking to you. While rolling up for his PhD at Western's Kinesiology dept he investigates the effect of nicotine on cognitive functioning. In today's episode, he chats with Tanya and Navaneeth about how nicotine fares against a brisk walk on cognitive tests. What he found was unexpected.



Gradcast #145: What Does Stress Smell Like For a Bird?

A little bird told us that Chlöe Carter was studying stress and memory in birds. Chlöe tells Ariel and Charlotte about her work testing whether stressful smells, sights and sounds can illicit fear and alter memory. 



Gradcast #144: A Love Affair With Streaming Media

Yimin and Taniya chat with "baby Master student" Charlotte about navigating graduate studies, her interest in the online video streaming platform 'Twitch' and her love for community radio.



Gradcast #143: Square Off With Memory

Roger and Taniya chat with PhD Candidate Erin Shellington about the potential of 'Square Stepping Exercise' on improving cognition, mobility and mood in older adults. We also get insight on what the end of a PhD degree is like!



Gradcast #142: The Birds and the Beats

Ariel and Chantal chirp with Brendon Samuels about beat perception in birds and humans.