LUNAR SPECIAL: Observing the moon

Navaneeth and Roger speak with Danny Bednar, Patrick Hill, and Zack Morse about the upcoming international observe the moon night occurring on October 28th 2017. 
Hosts: Roger Hudson and Navaneeth Mohan
Produced by Susan Anthony

Episode #139: Time’s are changin’, the climate is too

Danny Bednar joins Roger and Navaneeth to speak about his research on geography and Canada's role in adapting to climate change.

Hosts: Roger Hudson and Navaneeth Mohan


Producer: Susan Anthony

Episode #138: The Latest Scoop on Parkinson’s Disease

Sabrina and Ariel pick Simon Benoit's brain about Parkinson's and his unique approach to studying this neurodegenerative disease. 
Hosts: Ariel Chen and Sabrina Hope
Produced by Susan Anthony

Episode #137: The Overwhelmed Brain

Roger and Ariel speak with Niveen Fulcher about sensory motor gating, and it's relation to autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.


Hosts: Ariel Frame and Roger Hudson


Produced by Susan Anthony

Episode #136: Making Precise Errors

Jeremy Lant is at an interesting point in his graduate career. He might have just cracked open a novel cure to a wide range of genetic disorders. With Yimin and Navaneeth, join us to know how he uses tRNA dependent mistranslation to recode the genetic blueprint. 
Hosts: Yimin Chen and Navaneeth Mohan
Producer: Susan Anthony

Episode #135: Hit Replay

Ariel and Taniya chat with Krys Wieczerzak about her work measuring brain waves in the auditory cortex and the importance of reproducing results in research. 


Hosts: Ariel Frame and Taniya Nagpal

Producer: Susan Anthony