Episode #131: TUT1 - Protector of the Cell

Yimin Chen and Susan Anthony speak with Mitch Mann about his work on TUT1, a protein that prevents DNA and RNA damage - and cancer!
Hosts: Yimin Chen and Susan Anthony

Episode #130: Impactful Research on the Origin of the Moon

Ariel Frame and Sabrina Hope interview Patrick Hill about his research determining how the moon may have been formed from a large impact between the earth and another planet. Patrick is a PhD student in the Earth Sciences Department in a collaborative program with the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX), as well as the Pride Commissioner for the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS). 
Hosts: Ariel Frame and Sabrina Hope

Episode #129: Your brain on delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol

Alex and Tristan chat with Roger Hudson, a neuroscience Master's student, about the potential pitfalls and medical benefits of marijuana.
Hosts: Tristan Johnston and Alex Moszczynski

Episode #128: Of Mice and Math

Roger and Taniya chat with Applied Mathematics Master's student, Navneeth Mohan, about his work exploring the behaviour of predators and prey using math. 

Hosts: Roger Hudson and Taniya Nagpal

Episode #127: Please Mr. Postdoc Man

Joel Slade, PhD candidate in the Biology Department at Western, tells hosts Sabrina and Yimin about how he secured a postdoc position at Michigan State University. He shares his experiences on how and when he started looking for positions, what he prepared, and where to look. 

Hosts: Yimin Chen and Sabrina Hope