Episode #122: A Constellation of Voices

Andrew and Yimin speak with Mary Blake Bonn about the role of voices in musical understanding, as well as her work as the president of SOGS.

Hosts: Andrew Hanna and Yimin Chen

Episode #121: The R-Ladies Piece

In this episode, Tristan and Yimin talk to Sally Norris and Thea Knowles about their work launching the first Canadian chapter of R-Ladies - a group dedicated to promoting the R programming language and statistical package to women in the research community.

Hosts: Tristan Johnston and Yimin Chen

Episode #120: Embryos are like Cars

Hosts Ariel Frame and Yimin Chen chat with Mohamed Gatie about stem cells and their role in embryo development.

Hosts: Ariel Frame and Yimin Chen

Episode #119: Soundwave Diagnosis

Andrew Harris talks with Yimin and Alex about how ultrasound imaging can be used to create 3D pictures to improve medical diagnoses.

Hosts: Yimin Chen and Alex Moszczynski


Episode #118: Vaccinating cows through lettuce with Coby Martin

In this episode of Gradcast, hosts Richard Raycraft and Sabrina Hope speak with Coby Martin, a masters student in biology. Martin is working on producing a vaccine for Bovine respiratory disease (BRD), which affects cattle around the world.

Hosts: Sabrina Hope & Richard Raycraft


Producer:  Sabrina Hope

Episode #117: Getting schooled in indigenous studies by Andrew Judge

Susan and Tristan talk to Indigenous Studies PhD student Andrew Judge about how tier 1 universities in Canada fare when it comes to indigenous faculty, and we talk about how and why universities need to be more accessible to indigenous students and staff.

Hosts: Susan Anthony & Tristan Johnston


Producer: Susan Anthony