Episode #116: Your friendly ge-gnome with Matheus Sanita Lima

Our cells aren't the only things ith DNA in a living things body. Small organs for our cells have their own codes and evolve as well. This is the subject of our show today with Matheus Sanita Lima.

Hosts: Ariel Frame & Chantal Lemire


Producer: Susan Anthony

Episode #115: Alzheimer’s Disease and Metabolism: An Overview

Ariel and Yimin discuss with Asad Lone how cell metabolism can affect your chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease.

Hosts: Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame


Producer: Sabrina Hope

Episode #114: Class and Teeth with Mark Gera

This week we meet with Mark Gera. From the public health program, he discusses with us the relationship between distance from a dentist office, and oral health.

Hosts: Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski

Producer: Susan Anthony