Episode #113: Marching with Kristine Musgrove

This week, we talk to Music Education student Kristine Musgrove. Her work studies the culture of competitive marching band groups in the US.

Hosts: Susan Anthony & Andrew Hanna


Producer: Tristian Johnson

Episode #112: Saying Goodbye to Julia Palozzi

This week we say goodbye to longtime Gradcast committee member Julia Palozzi. We talk about her work on peat bogs in northern Ontario. Julia, you will be missed.

Hosts: Susan Anthony & Taniya Nagpaland


Producer: Sabrina Hope

Episode #111: Digging in Peru with Arwen Johns

This week, Arwen returns to talk about what her summer in Peru doing archaeology was like.

Hosts: Susan Anthony & Julia


Producer: Tristian Johnson

Episode #110: Memes and Pepes with Yimin Chen

This week, we show you our last episode from the Western Research Forum. Tristan Johnston and Sabrina Hope speak with GradCast's own Yimin Chen, a keynote speaker who came to talk to us about sweet, sweet internet memes.

Hosts: Tristan Johnston & Sabrina Hope 


Episode #109: Eating Grapefruit with Amy Burke

This episode, we meet with Biochemist Amy Burke, who looks into a compound found in grapefruit juice, that could have medical applications.

Hosts: Adrienne Borrie & Ariel Frame


Producer: Susan Anthony

Episode #108: Learning to Lead with Dr. Pam Bishop

This episode we talk to Dr. Pam Bishop, a keynote speaker from the recent Western Research Forum. She talks about research and leadership for grad students in these uncertain times.

Host: Tristan Johnson


Episode #107: Emily Pitts and the Friendship Centre

This episode, we talk to Anthropologist Emily Pitts looking at indigenous friendship centres giving identity and community for indigenous canadians living in cities.

Hosts: Emma Bridgwater & Tristan Johnson


Producer: Susan Anthony

Episode #106: The Genetic Engineers of Tomorrow

This week we meet with an undergraduate club for genetic engineering.

Host: Tristan Johnson