Gradcast #107: A Night at the Opera with Colin McMahon

This week we talk to Music student Colin McMahon. He wrote a one act mini opera on Marie Antoinette as his MA project, and came to us to talk about the work that went into it.


Gradcast #106: All About the Lungs at Western Research Forum 2017

This episode we talk to Brandon Baer and Reza Khazaee at the Western Research Forum about their work on the lungs.


Gradcast #105: Joel Slade is for the Birds

This week we talk about bird songs, genetic compatibility, and life of our feathered friends with Biologist Joel Slade


Gradcast #104: Impact Craters and the Search for Life with Sarah Simpson

In this episode of Gradcast, hosts Yimin and Julia are joined by Sarah Simpson of Geology, Earth Sciences, and Planetary Science.

Sarah is a PhD student and her research focuses on impact craters. She studies impact craters on Earth to learn more about


Gradcast #103: Motherhood and Graduate School with Sabrina Hope

In this episode, Gradcast producer Sabrina Hope takes a break from operating the production board to talk about what it's like to be a mother while pursuing a PhD.

She's joined by hosts Tristan Johnson and Jaime Brenes Reyes.


Gradcast #102: Discovering Life on Utah with Christy Caudill

Today we meet with Planetary Scientist Christ Caudill who works on impact craters, and what they can tell us about far off places like Mars.