Episode #99: The Strange Travel Companions of Cancer with Ashley Makela

This week we talk to Ashley Makela, looking at Tumor-Associated Macrophages, a white blood cell that shows up fairly often when Cancer is about.

Hosts: Andrew Hanna & Alex Moszczynski

Producer: Susan Anthony

Episode #98: Saving Languages with Hannah McGregor

This week we celebrate 100 gradcasts with Hannah McGregor. Hannah is an anthropologist working on how universities can help groups like the Oneida in their efforts to preserve their language.

Host: Tristian Johnson

Producer: Sabrina Hope

Episode #97: Science Fiction and the Environment with Zack Bronson

This week we have a sitdown with Zack Bronson, a Media Studies scholar looking at science fiction that engages with themes of the environment.

Hosts: Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame

Producer: Tristian Jonhson

Episode #96: Meeting the Cell’s Magician with Emily Clayton

This week, our heroes meet with Emily Clayton, a microbiologist looking at proteins, the small magicians that turn DNA into action.

Host: Susan Anthony

Producer: Tristan Johnson

Episode #95: Getting Promoted with Emily Cornelius

This week we are deep into the tiny machines that make life run with Emily Cornelius from Biology.

Hosts: Susan Anthony & Alex Moszczynski

Producer: Tristan Johnson

Episode #94: Reporting in with Leila Lemghalef

This week we talk to Leila Lemghalef about the status of journalism today.

Hosts: Yimin Chen & Tristan Johnson