Episode #93: Taking the Blue Pill with Dan Perdic

This week we speak with Dan Perdic, a media studies scholar looking at the misogynist Red Pill online community.

Hosts: Yimin Chen & Tristan Johnson

Episode #92: Protecting our Data with Alan Del Pino

This week we talk to Alan Del Pino, a returning FIMS scholar talking about the troubling conversation about our rights to privacy over our data in Canada.

Host: Alex Moszczynski


Episode #91: Listening to Emma Bridgwater

This week we talk with out own teammate Emma Bridgwater, working at the Safer lab on how we hear.

Host: Alex Moszczynski


Episode #90: Stopping Gestational Diabetes with Karishma Hosein

This week we meet with Karishma Hosein, a kinesiologist working with expecting mothers to prevent gestational diabetes.

Hosts: Emma Bridgewater & Andrew Hanna