Episode #72: Speaking Words with Chantal Lemire

This week we talk about Tom Waits and Spoken word with Music theorist Chantal Lemire.

Hosts: Tristan Johnson & Emma Bridgwater


Episode #71: Talking Revolutions with Jaime Brenes Reyes

This week as we experience the anniversary of a major change in Nicaragua, we talk to Jaime who grew up there, and who's parents were part of it.

Host: Tristan Johnson


Episode #70: An Appointment with Doctor Dalia Hasan

This week we talk to medical doctor and Health Promotion Master's student Dalia Hasan about her work to have better medical school training to combat childhood obesity.

Producers: Jina Kum and Susan Anthony


Episode #69: Getting Libraries to Modernize, and Greyhounds to Roo with Claire Burrows

This week we meet with future Librarian Claire Burrows. She's working on finding out what libraries need to be accessible to those with disabilities, by asking and studying those that use it. 

Producers: Tristan Johnson and Yimin Chen