Episode #68: Mother, Worker, Disabled with Melanie Stone

This week we talk to Melanie Stone, who through a photo stream research project looks at working women, often mothers, interacting with he world with a disability. Her work chronicles the day to day experiences balancing these identities.

Producers: Taniya Nagpaland and Tristan Johnson


Episode #67: Community Mental Strength with Kristy Townsend

This week we talk to Linguist Kristy Townsend who works with Canadian First Nations communities in Alberta looking at the discourses around mental health.

Producers: Taniya Nagpal and Emma Bridgwater


Episode #66: Crickets, But in a Good Way with Jantina Toxopeus

This week we meet with Biologist Jantina Toxopeus who fresh back from the Czech Republic talks about her work with crickets.

Producers: Taniya Nagpal and Alex Moszczynski



Episode #65: Defining Success with Cliff Davidson

This week we talk to Cliff Davidson, a Sociologist finding out how university students define success at university, and how that might be different from the administration.

Producers: Tristan Johnson and Yimin Chen


Episode #64: Reaching Enlightenment with Kelsang Legden

This week we met with student / Buddhist monk Kelsang Legden to talk about his life as a Buddhist monk in a PhD program, and his research in knowledge production amongst the Buddhist temple community.

Producer: Yimin Chen