Episode #59: Getting Healthy with Jonathan Rom

This week we met with Jonathan Rom, working on the herculean task of promoting health literacy.
Producer: Taniya Nagpal 



Episode #58: Can’t Beat the Peat with Julia Palozzi

This week we meet with biologist and new Gradcast committee member Julia Palozzi on her work in peat bogs, as well as working as a grad student with a speaking disability. Really cool stuff!

Producers: Alex Moszczynski and Susan Anthony



Episode #57: From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Trump

This week, Susan and Yimin corner committee member and American Historian Tristan Johnson to answer why Donald Trump is a thing.

Producers: Susan Anthony and Yimin Chen


Episode #56: Giving Sharks their Space with Carla Joubert

This week, we're joined by Carla Joubert from the department of history. Her work is about how scientists grew to form misunderstandings about sharks that persist to today.
Producer: Taniya Nagpal