Episode #55: Feeling the Heat with Michael Allen

This week we meet with Geographer Michael Allen, who looks into the urban heat island effect. He tries to make much more detailed maps on how cities warm using sophisticated tools.

Producers: Tristan Johnson and Alex Moszczynski 



Episode #54: Detecting BS with Yimin Chen

This week, we are having a sit-down with Gradcast crew member Yimin Chen. He's working on a  project to evaluate how likely an internet source is sarcastic, or poorly researched.

Producers: Tristan Johnson and Alex Moszczynski 


Episode #53: Facing Death with Cayley Bower

This week we are rejoined by Cayley Bower. Last time she came on to talk about her work as the PSAC Social Science chief steward, but today we sit down to talk about her research. Cayley studies a graveyard in Kingston, and what it says about the changing cultural approaches to death in the 19th century.
Producers: Tristan Johnson and Susan Anthony



Episode #52: Helping Moms with Natalie Scime

This week we meet with Natalie Scime, who wants to find out just what our hospitals are doing for moms of premature babies to have breast feeding and pumping support.

Producers: Emma Bridgwater and Alex Moszczynski



Episode #51: Laying Down the Law with Anandita Ghosh

This week we meet with Master's student of Law Anandita Ghosh, investigating a question that comes up in courts when an abused woman kills or injures her partner, but not in a dangerous situation.

Producers: Susan Anthony and Yimin Chen