Episode #174: Keeping fit and having fun into old age


You may have heard that "exercise is the best medicine" - neuroscientist Joyla Furlano is working to see if that might be true. On this episode of GradCast, Nick and Yimin learn about the neurological link between diabetes and Alzheimer's in older adults and how regular exercise might be a promising preventative treatment for dementia.



Special Episode: The Blackhole of the Brain - Nick


Hosts Chantal Lemire and Susan Anthony interview the newest member of GradCast, Nicholas Handfield-Jones about his research on Parkinsons.



Special Episode: Medicine, Then vs Now with Dr. Bocking


In this Special Episode of GradCast, guests Dr. Douglas Bocking and Matthew Lund speak with hosts Roger Hudson and Viki Tellios about medical school education in Canada. Comparisons between today's medical school curriculum relative to the accelerated curriculum implemented during World War II are discussed. Dr. Douglas Bocking is a former Dean of Medicine and former Vice President of the Health Sciences Department at Western University, and a member of the Order of Canada. Matthew Lund is a current medical student attending Western and current President of the Osler Society for Medical Students at the university. 


Episode #173: Exercise and Pregnancy




Guest: Dr. Margie Davenport

Hosts: Taniya Nagpal and Roger Hudson

Producer: Chantal Lemire


WUGSOM Part 3: Live! at the Western University Graduate Symposium on Music


In this final installment of the WUGSOM series from 2017, hosts Yimin and Roger speak with Rachel Avery from McGill University in Montreal, and Ryan Blakely from the University of Ottawa on their research projects they've developed over the past few years. Rachel and Ryan each communicated their research in lecture format during WUGSOM 2017.


Episode #172: The Small-Scale SIMS


David Reyes Figuero, a visiting graduate student from Mexico, is here at Western to work with Dr. Mikko Karttunen. Using a computational microscope, they probed the small world of atoms and molecules to investigate how fat molecules float on water. But, they stumbled upon something even more curious that can impact the medical world. 
Hosted by Susan and Nav. 


Episode #171: #UREnough


Taniya and Roger speak to Kinesiology Master's student Kelsey Sick. Kelsey studies the health impact of reducing sedentary behaviour in Type 2 Diabetes patients and she is also the co-founder of a community wellness initiative, UREnough. https://urenough.org Instagram: @UREnoughh Twitter: @UR_Enoughh Facebook: UrEnoughh

Kelsey Sick


Episode #170: Who Cares When We Get Old?


Care giving for the elderly is a hard job. How hard? Nicole Dalmer is looking into it. Nicole Dalmer from FIMS tells Ariel and Roger about her work on elder care, policy and aging in place. 


Producer: Chantal Lemire


Episode #169: Time Flies with Matt Bernardinis


Time flies when you're having fun, but the visual perception of time can vary between individuals. Matt Bernardinis, a second year MSc student in Biomedical Engineering, has designed a way to assess visual perception in terms of distance, time and velocity in Parkinson's patients. Discover the intricacies of this interdisciplinary field and more with hosts Ariel and Viki.



Episode #168: Canada Needs You Today! Romanian-Canadian Enlistment in WWI


By the time the First World War began, over 8000 Romanian immigrants had established new lives in the young Dominion of Canada. Over the course of the war, hundreds would enlist in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces to fight for a country they barely knew. History MA student Ilinca Olariu delves in archives and museums in search of their stories. Yimin and Navaneeth host. Want to find out more about Ilinica? Follow her on Instagram @ilincaolariu or Twitter @ilincaolariu



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