283 | Lava-ing What I Do

Besides its obvious destructive properties, lava can tell us a lot about Earth and other planetary bodies in our solar system. Changing our relationship with molten rock could have implications far beyond the confines of our solitary planet. As hosts Yousuf Hassan and Liam Clifford learn from Earth Sciences PhD Gavin Tolometti, analyzing volcanic and impact melt flows increases our understanding of surface processes on the Moon and Mars by studying lava flows in Idaho and Iceland. In addition, as Gavin concludes his PhD, he speaks to his future aspirations and why this research is important for the wider public. 

To find out more from Gavin, follow him on Twitter @GavinOnTheMoon, on Instagram @gavin4science_94 , on his website https://gavintolometti.wixsite.com/gavinonthemoon, or his lab's website https://www.spacerocks.ca/teams/

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Recorded on Aug 4, 2020

Produced by Ariel Frame

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282 | The Rwandan Genocide

In April 1994, the small Central African country of Rwanda would begin to spiral uncontrollably into the darkest period of its short history. What ensued over the course of the next three months was a genocide supported by the incumbent regime that slaughtered an estimated 500,000-1,000,000 people. With so many murdered, how could this have happened? In a fascinating conversation with PhD candidate John Trafford from UWO’s Political Science department, it is revealed how artificial constructions of identity left to ferment can have dire consequences. Hosts Ariel Frame and Liam Clifford engage with John's discussion of the historical differences between the Hutu and Tutsi, the contextual pre-Genocide Civil War, and how colonialism’s legacy lasts long after its demise.


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Recorded on July 28th, 2020

Produced by Gavin Tolometti

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281 | Automation and Capitalism

Dr. James Steinhoff is a recent graduate from the Media Studies PhD program in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University, currently a Post-Doctoral researcher at University of Washington. James enlightens Yimin Chen and Ariel Frame about his work investigating how artificial intelligence, or simply automation in general, impacts work and workers. For a deeper dive into James' insights check out his co-authored book published last year, Inhuman Power, his Academia.edu page and his recent DigiLabour talk about his upcoming book Automation and Autonomy

Recorded on July 23, 2020

Produced by Ariel Frame

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280 | Caring With a Little Help From Our Friends

In tough times, we all need a little help from our friends. Sometimes, those tough times are when we are caring for someone with dementia, or had a stroke. Jovana Sibalija joins hosts Monica Molinaro and Sarah Klapman to discuss the necessity of social networks (not the Facebook kind) for caregiver wellness. They discuss who may be in a social network, what social support may look like, and why caregivers may not necessarily want social support. They also discuss why caregivers are an integral backbone to the health care system in Canada, and how caregivers can be better supported. To find out more from Jovana follow her on Twitter @JoSibalija, LinkedIn, or email her at jsibalij@uwo.ca


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Recorded on July 21, 2020

Produced by Ariel Frame

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279 | Eating, Exercising and Extending Brain Plasticity

Olivia Ghosh-Swaby is a PhD student in the neuroscience program conducting research with mice elucidating how poor diet reduces and exercising benefits the brain. Olivia excitedly informs hosts Nick Handfield-Jones and Ariel Frame about her growing expertise in the field of brain plasticity and her newest research findings including treatment of mice with the drug metformin.

To find out more from Olivia, follow her on Twitter @ogoshhsw

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This episode was recorded on Tuesday, July 14th and was edited by Laura Muñoz Baena

277 | Seeing Green: Economics and the Environment

How do you turn capitalism into a force for environmental protection? Join hosts Yousuf Hasan and Sarah Klapman as they talk to Economics Ph.D. candidate Emmanuel Murray Leclair about economics, international relations, pollution havens, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and everything in between. 
If you would like to contact Emmanuel and learn more about his research you can find him on Facebook and Twitter @EmmanuelMurrayL
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Recorded on July 7th, 2020.
This episode was produced by Gavin Tolometti

278 | Problems After Knee Surgery? There’s an App for That

Hosts Monica and Greg interview P.T./Ph.D. student Morgan Jennings about her work on virtual visits for individuals post-knee surgery. Started before the COVID-19 pandemic (and before virtual visits became more popular), Morgan’s research has been focused on developing an app to identify knee wounds post-surgery and identify if someone would need to visit a physician for a follow-up appointment in order to reduce unnecessary appointments for patients. Morgan also talks about her work at the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic, how that work inspired her Master’s and current Ph.D. research, and what she hopes for her future in evidence-based practice.

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This episode was recorded on Tuesday June 30th and produced by Gregory Ian Robinson.

Special | Racial Equity and Inclusivity at Western

Mohammad Sharifi (SOGS Racial Equity and Inclusivity Commissioner) spoke about issues concerning marginalized graduate students at Western with hosts Sarah Klapman and Yousuf Hasan. Mo explained his involvement in Western’s Anti-racism Working Group. The main purpose was to gather feedback regarding racism and to develop an action plan for a more equitable environment for our community. Mo also chatted with us about the experiences that led him to become SOGS Racial Equity and Inclusivity Commissioner and why it was especially important to fight for racialized students.

For more information, check out SOGS on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Discord  

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This video was recorded on June 22nd and produced by Gregory Ian Robinson

276 | Disability Advocacy amid Covid-19

Elizabeth Mohler is an incoming PhD student in Occupational Science and a disability advocate. She is joined by co-hosts Rhys Paterson and Yousuf Hasan. Elizabeth chatted about the unique difficulties that people with disabilities have been experiencing amid the pandemic. As someone who has vision loss, she shared with us how challenging it can be to follow basic safety protocols. We also chatted about her co-authored book on Creating a Culture of Accessibility in the Sciences (2016) and her research on making STEM more accessible. To find out more from Elizabeth check out her Twitter @mohlerc

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Recorded on June 24, 2020

Produced by Ariel Frame

275 | Microaggressions, Slurs, and Hate Speech

Heather Stewart is currently doing her PhD in Philosophy. She chats about her research on harmful speech phenomena with cohosts Yousuf Hasan and Gregory Robinson. Heather argues that the more microaggressions are inhibited and discouraged, the more equitable and free our speech becomes.

To find out more about Heather, visit her website

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Produced by Yousuf Hasan. Recorded on June 23, 2020.

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