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February 7, 2019

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Season One (2015-2016)

Episode Guests Hosts
Episode #1: The Postmortem with Steffie and Shelby Steffie & Shelby  Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #2: The Graduate Game Plan: Strategies for Success from the Winter Teaching Conference Lisa Fadden, Melissa Jacquart, Mike Ravenek, and Katarina Grolinger Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski 
Episode #3: A Crash Course in Vehicle Collisions with James Roos James Roos Tyson Davis & Jina Kum
Episode #4: The Dark Side of Being a Sweetheart with Anish Engineer Anish Engineer Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski
Gradcast Valentine’s Day Special: Your Scientific Guide with Sarah Stanton Sarah Stanton Alex Moszczynski
Gradcast Louis Riel Day Special: Keeping it Riel with Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips  Alex Moszcynski
Episode #5: The Addition on Editions with Eric Green Eric Green  Alex Moszcynski
Episode #6: True Patriot Passport with Robyn Schwarz  Robyn Schwarz Alex Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson
Episode #7: The Health of the Community with Mike Aloisio Mike Aloisio  Alex Moszczynski & Joseph Donohue
Episode #8: Delivering Santa's Rations with Samantha Desroches Samantha Desroches Alex Moszczynski & Eric Green
Episode #9: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – Canadian Edition with Claire Halstead Claire Halstead Ramina Adam & Eric Green
Episode #10: Having Words with Frontier College Brandon Belbeck & Katherine Lee Tyson Davis & Jina Kum 
Episode #11: Public History with Dominik Svehla Dominik Svehla Tyson Davis & Eric Green 
Episode #12: A New Understanding of Seizure with Jaime Brenes Reyes Jamie Brenes Reyes Ramina Adam & Tristan Johnson
Gradcast Chakmagate Special: #UWOWork4Food with Tyler Turek Tyler Turek Tristan Johnson
Episode #13: Oil and Water with Ben Li Ben Li Joseph Donohue & Eric Green
Episode #14: Our Partners in Science with Caroline Strang Caroline Strang  Alexander Moszczynski & Ramina Adam
Episode #15: España y América, Los Mejores Amigos con Gregg French Gregg French Tristan Johnson
Episode #16: The Psychology of Patriotism with Kelly Barnes Kelly Barnes Jina Kum & Tyson Davis 
Episode #17: Butenol and the Beast with Eric Doerr Eric Doerr Jina Kum
Episode #18: Libraries and Social Media with Mark-Shane Scale Mark-Shane Scale Ramina Adam & Tyson Davis
Episode #19: Dealing with your Flatulent Spouse with Joel Armstrong Joel Armstrong Alexander Moszczynski & Jina Kum  
Episode #20: Locating Rocks with our Ears with James Kryklywy James Kryklywy Alexander Moszczynski & Adrienne Borrie
Episode #21: Turning Swords into Plowshares... or Dumping them in the Sea with Alex Souchen Alex Souchen Tristan Johnson & Tyson Davis
Episode #22: Synchrotron Legacy: History and Particle Accelerators with Madalena Kozachuk Madalena Kozachuk  Ramina Adam & Tristan Johnson
Episode #23: Double Doctor with Jessica Blom Jessica Blom Jina Kum & Alexander Moszczynski 
Episode #24: Locked In with Steve Beukema Steve Beukema Ramina Adam & Adrienne Borrie
Episode #25: Paid in Bitcoins with Jordan Van Dyke Jordan Van Dyke Tyson Davis & Jina Kum
Episode #26: Sleep and Muscle Memory with Jeremy Viczko Jeremy Viczko  Ramina Adam & Alexander Moszczynski
Episode #27: Genes, ALS, and that new Grad Student Smell with Zach Hawley Zach Hawley  Alexander Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson
Episode #28: Qui est le Canada avec Geoffrey Keelan Geoffrey Keelan Tyson Davis & Alexander Moszczynski 
Episode #29: The Post-Grad School Opportunities Part 1 Adrienne Borrie, Tyson Davis, & Alexander Moszczynski  Tristan Johnson
Episode #30: The Post-Grad School Opportunities Part 2 Adrienne Borrie, Tyson Davis, & Alexander Moszczynski  Tristan Johnson
Episode #31: Tyson's Exile Tyson Davis Alexander Moszczynski




Episode #32: Live Fast, Black Hole Young with Parshati Patel  Parshati Patel  Alexander Moszczynski & Adrienne Borrie
Episode #33: Jacqueline Dron is Good for our Cholesterol Jacqueline Dron  Jina Kum & Alexander Moszczynski
Episode #34: Lexical Stressed out with Elkin Sierra Elkin Sierra Tristan Johnson
Episode #35: Political Violence and its Legacy in Bangladesh with Hana Ahmed Hana Ahmed Ramina Adam & Tristan Johnson
Episode #36: Sex Workers, the Untold Story with Nathan Dawthorne Nathan Dawthorne Alex Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson
Episode #37: The Farming Secrets with Kelly Abrams Nathan Dawthorne Alex Moszczynski & Tristan Johnson
Episode #38: Training new Doctors with Sonya Van Nuland Sonya Van Nuland  Alex Moszczynski
Gradcast Remembrance Day Special: War Stories with Steven Marti Steven Marti Tyson Davis & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #39: In Solidarity with Cayley Bower Cayley Bower Tristan Johnson
Episode #40: Keeping the Beat with Dan Cameron
 Dan Cameron
 Tristan Johnson
Episode #41: Sorting Music with Jason Neal
 Jason Neal
  Tristan Johnson
Episode #42: Reducing Harm with Hilary Agro
 Hilary Agro
Tristan Johnson
Episode #43: Taking Mom to the Gym with Taniya Nagpal
Taniya Nagpal
Tristan Johnson
Episode #44: Rehabilitation Through Play with Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque
 Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque
 Tristan Johnson
Episode #45: All you Ever Wanted to Know about the Elbow with Ranita Manocha
 Ranita Manocha
Tristan Johnson 
Episode #46: Ugandan Refugee Communities with Shezan Muhammedi
 Shezan Muhammedi
 Tristan Johnson
Episode #47: Undervaluing Google Drive Labour with Alan Del Pino
 Alan Del Pino
 Tristan Johnson & Taniya Nagpal
Gradcast #48: Interviewpunk with Mark Filipowich
 Mark Filipowich

Yimin Chen & Taniya Nagpal

Episode #49: Chilly Spiders with Susan Anthony Susan Anthony Tristan Johnson 
Episode #50: Trolling Yimin Chen Yimin Chen  Susan Anthony
Episode #51: Laying Down the Law with Anandita Ghosh Anandita Ghosh  Susan Anthony & Yimin Chen
Episode #52: Helping Moms with Natalie Scime Natalie Scime Emma Bridgwater & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #53: Facing Death with Cayley Bower Cayley Bower  Tristan Johnson & Susan Anthony
Episode #54: Detecting BS with Yimin Chen Yimin Chen Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #55: Feeling the Heat with Michael Allen Michael Allen Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #56: Giving Sharks their Space with Carla Joubert Carla Joubert Taniya Nagpal
Episode #57: From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Trump  Tristan Johnson Susan Anthony & Yimin Chen
Episode #58: Can't Beat the Peat with Julia Palozzi Julia Palozzi Alex Moszczynski & Susan Anthony
Episode #59: Getting Healthy with Jonathan Rom Jonathan Rom  Taniya Nagpal 
Episode #60: Can Plants Cure Cancer (maybe) with Shrikaar Kambhampati Shrikaar Kambhampati Tristan Johnson 
Episode #61: Think Tanks, and how they Shape Europe with Christopher Rastrick Christopher Rastrick Yimin Chen
Episode #62: Digging up the Past with Arwen Johns Arwen Johns Yimin Chen
Episode #63: The DL on IT in India with Indranil Chakraborty Indranil Chakraborty  Yimin Chen
Episode #64: Reaching Enlightenment with Kelsang Legden Kelsang Legden Yimin Chen
Episode #65: Defining Success with Cliff Davidson Cliff Davidson Tristan Johnson & Yimin Chen
Episode #66: Crickets, But in a Good Way with Jantina Toxopeus Jantina Toxopeus Taniya Nagpal & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #67: Community Mental Strength with Kristy Townsend Kristy Townsend Taniya Nagpal & Emma Bridgwater
Episode #68: Mother, Worker, Disabled with Melanie Stone Melanie Stone Taniya Nagpaland & Tristan Johnson
Episode #69: Getting Libraries to Modernize, and Greyhounds to Roo with Claire Burrows Claire Burrows Tristan Johnson & Yimin Chen
Episode #70: An Appointment with Doctor Dalia Hasan Dalia Hasan Jina Kum & Susan Anthony
Episode #71: Talking Revolutions with Jaime Brenes Reyes Jaime Brenes Reyes  Tristan Johnson
Episode #72: Speaking Words with Chantal Lemire Chantal Lemire Tristan Johnson & Emma Bridgwater 
Episode #73: Internet and Music with Kristopher Ohlendorf Kristopher Ohlendorf Alex Moszczynski & Yimin Chen
Episode #74: Live at the Western Research Forum Susan Bird & Anandita Ghosh  Tristan Johnson & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #75: Western Research Forum Keynote Speaker Anabel Quan-Haase Anabel Quan-Haase   Tristan Johnson & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #76: Prepping for a Conference with Kristen Wallentinson Kristen Wallentinson  Tristan Johnson
Episode #77: Live at WUGSOM 2016 Mary Blake Bonn, Kyle Hutchinson, Rebecca Long, Steven Janisse, and Gregory Walshaw Tristan Johnson
Season Two (2016 - 2017)
Episode #78: Juggling with Benedict Chang Benedict Chang Alex Moszczynski
Episode #79: Improving Libraries with Kirstyn Seanor Kirstyn Seanor Yimin Chen & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #80: Making Music with Matthew Becker Matthew Becker  Alex Moszczynski
Episode #81: Taking Control with Annalise Trudell Annalise Trudell  Yimin Chen & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #82: Working out with Andrew Hanna Andrew Hanna  Alex Moszczynski
Episode #83: Reading the News with Charlotte Britten Charlotte Britten  Yimin Chen & Tristan Johnson
Episode #84: Working on Parkinsons with Tara Condos Tara Condos Emma Bridgwater
Episode #85: The One Where Yimin Sings Yimin Chen Tristan Johnson 
Episode #86: Human Sacrifice with Diana Moreiras Diana Moreiras  Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #87: Epic Wins with Luke Arnott Luke Arnott Emma Bridgwater & Yimin Chen
Episode #88: A Healthy Community with Kirstyn Seanor and Melanie Stone Kirstyn Seanor and Melanie Stone Susan Anthony & Taniya Nagpaland 
Episode #89: Bogged Down with Mikhail Mack Mikhail Mack  Adrienne & Julia Palozzi
Episode #90: Stopping Gestational Diabetes with Karishma Hosein Karishma Hosein Emma Bridgewater & Andrew Hanna
Episode #91: Listening to Emma Bridgwater Emma Bridgwater Alex Moszczynski 
Episode #92: Protecting our Data with Alan Del Pino Alan Del Pino  Alex Moszczynski 
Episode #93: Taking the Blue Pill with Dan Perdic Dan Perdic Yimin Chen & Tristan Johnson 
Episode #94: Reporting in with Leila Lemghalef Leila Lemghalef Yimin Chen & Tristan Johnson
Episode #95: Getting Promoted with Emily Cornelius Emily Cornelius Susan Anthony & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #96: Meeting the Cell's Magician with Emily Clayton Emily Clayton  Susan Anthony
Episode #97: Science Fiction and the Environment with Zack Bronson Zack Bronson Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Episode #98: Saving Languages with Hannah McGregor Hannah McGregor Tristan Johnson
Episode #99: The Strange Travel Companions of Cancer with Ashley Makela Ashley Makela Andrew Hanna & Alex Moszczynski 
Episode #100: Discovering Life on Utah with Christy Caudill Christy Caudill Emma Bridgwater & Tristan Johnson 
Episode #101: Motherhood and Graduate School with Sabrina Hope Sabrina Hope Jaime Brenes Reyes & Tristan Johnson
Episode #102: Impact Craters and the Search for Life with Sarah Simpson Sarah Simpson  Jaime Brenes Reyes & Yimin Chen
Episodes #103: Joel Slade is for the Birds Joel Slade Susan Anthony & Ariel Frame 
Episode #104: All About the Lungs at Western Research Forum 2017  Brandon Baer & Reza Khazaee Andrew Hanna & Sabrina Hope
Episode #105: A Night at the Opera with Colin McMahon Colin McMahon Sabrina Hope & Tristan Johnson
Episode #106: The Genetic Engineers of Tomorrow  Engineering Undergraduate Students Tristan Johnson
Episode #107: Emily Pitts and the Friendship Centre Emily Pitts Emma Bridgwater & Tristan Johnson
Episode #108: Learning to Lead with Dr. Pam Bishop Dr. Pam Bishop  Tristan Johnson
Episode #109: Eating Grapefruit with Amy Burke Amy Burke Adrienne Borrie & Ariel Frame
Episode #110: Memes and Pepes with Yimin Chen Yimin Chen Tristan Johnston & Sabrina Hope
Episode #111: Digging in Peru with Arwen Johns Arwen Johns  Susan Anthony & Julia Palozzi
Episode #112: Saying Goodbye to Julia Palozzi Julia Palozzi  Susan Anthony & Taniya Nagpaland
Episode #113: Marching with Kristine Musgrove Kristine Musgrove  Susan Anthony & Andrew Hanna
Episode #114: Class and Teeth with Mark Gera Mark Gera Tristan Johnson & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #115: Alzheimer's Disease and Metabolism: An Overview Asad Lone Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame 
Episode #116: Your friendly ge-gnome with Matheus Sanita Lima Matheus Sanita Lima  Ariel Frame & Chantal Lemire
Episode #117: Getting schooled in indigenous studies by Andrew Judge Andrew Judge  Susan Anthony & Tristan Johnston
Episode #118: Vaccinating cows through lettuce with Coby Martin Coby Martin Sabrina Hope & Richard Raycraft
Episode #119: Soundwave Diagnosis Andrew Harris  Yimin Chen & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #120: Embryos are like Cars Mohamed Gatie  Ariel Frame & Yimin Chen
Episode #121: The R-Ladies Piece Sally Norris & Thea Knowles Tristan Johnston & Yimin Chen 
Episode #122: A Constellation of Voices Mary Blake Bonn  Andrew Hanna & Yimin Chen
Episode #123: Anatomy of Sound  Emma Bridgwater Taniya Nagpal & Susan Anthony
Episode #124: Mood and Anxiety Disorders in the Immigrant Population Jordan Edwards  Emma Bridgwater & Andrew Hanna
Episode #125: Extreme Bacteria - How to Survive Extreme Radiation Robert Szabla Andrew Hanna & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #126: Staph-ing Problems  Heba Alnaseri Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Episode #127: Please Mr. Postdoc Man Joel Slade Yimin Chen & Sabrina Hope 
Episode #128: Of Mice and Math  Navneeth Mohan Roger Hudson & Taniya Nagpal
Episode #129: Your brain on delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol  Roger Hudson Tristan Johnston & Alex Moszczynski
Episode #130: Impactful Research on the Origin of the Moon Patrick Hill  Ariel Frame & Sabrina Hope
Episode #131: TUT1 - Protector of the Cell  Mitch Mann Yimin Chen & Susan Anthony


Season Three (2017 - 2018)
Episode #132: Treating Each Other Well Jennifer Opoku  Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Episode #133: Western's Very Own Batman  Dylan Baloun Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Episode #134: Farming E.Coli  David Wright Ariel Frame & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #135: Hit Replay  Krys Wieczerzak Ariel Frame & Taniya Nagpal 
Episode #136: Making Precise Errors Jeremy Lant Yimin Chen & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #137: The Overwhelmed Brain  Niveen Fulcher Ariel Frame & Roger Hudson
Episode #138: The Latest Scoop on Parkinson's Disease  Simon Benoit Ariel Chen & Sabrina Hope
Episode #139: Time's are changin', the climate is too  Danny Bednar Roger Hudson & Navaneeth Mohan
LUNAR SPECIAL: Observing the moon  Danny Bednar, Patrick Hill, & Zack Morse Roger Hudson & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #140: The Birds and the Beats Brendon Samuels  Ariel Frame & Chantal Lemire
Episode #141: Square Off With Memory  Erin Shellington Roger Hudson & Taniya Nagpal
Episode #142: A Love Affair With Streaming Media  Charlotte Panneton Yimin Chen & Taniya Nagpal
Episode #143: What Does Stress Smell Like For a Bird? Chlöe Carter Ariel Frame & Charlotte Panneton 
Episode #144: Hey Doctor, What's Smoking? Matthew Fagan  Navaneeth Mohan & Tanya Nagpal
Episode #145: To Hibernate, Perchance to Dream Kate Mathers Susan Anthony & Yimin Chen
Episode #146: Learning from Adversity  Niki Kamkar Ariel Frame & Navaneeth Mohan
Episode #147: Pretty Fly for a Social Guy  Ryley Yost Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Episode #148: Be gone Bacteria, you Baerly have a chance Brandon Baer Navaneeth Mohan & Roger Hudson
Episode #149: Baby: "It's Cold Outside. My Mother Will Start To Worry"  Faraj Haddad Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Special Episode: "Why Am I Here?" A Questionable Conversation With The Lego Grad Student Lego Grad Student Yimin Chen & Chantal Lemire
WUGSOM Part 1: Live! at the Western University Graduate Symposium on Music  WUGSOM Organizers & Researchers Yimin Chen & Roger Hudson
Episode #150: Advocating for Accessibility Martin Ross  Roger Hudson & Chantal Lemire
Episode #151: Raving Autobiographically M. Gillian Carrabré Yimin Chen & Navaneeth Mohan 
Episode #152: The hot and cold of lava   Gavin Tolometti Susan Anthony & Navaneeth Mohan
WUGSOM Part 2: Meaningful Music and Women in Song WUGSOM Organizers & Researchers Susan Anthony & Navaneeth Mohan 
Episode #153: When Dendrites Go Dend-Wrong Viki Tellios Yimin Chen & Ariel Frame
Episode #154: Bad Ass Beetles Jacqueline Lebenzon Rogen Hudson & Navneeth Mohen