Episode #50: Trolling Yimin Chen

This week we are interviewing a new crew-member Yimin Chen. He hails from Library and Information Science studying internet culture. Specifically, the act of trolling.

Producer: Susan Anthony



Episode #49: Chilly Spiders with Susan Anthony

This week we meet with new Gradcast host and our guest Susan Anthony. She's been and goes from time to time to the arctic to find and study how spiders up there handle the cold.

Producer: Tristan Johnson


Gradcast #48: Interviewpunk with Mark Filipowich

This week we talk to Mark Filipowich and his research into cyberpunk and steampunk literature. He looks into how these sub-genres of science fiction reflect ideas about our relationship with machines.

Mark's blog: bigtallwords

Mark's twitter: @thecybersteam

and Critical Distance, a thing he does some curating, editing, etc. for.

Producers: Yimin Chen and Taniya Nagpal


Episode #47: Undervaluing Google Drive Labour with Alan Del Pino

This week, our bold heroes talk to FIMS student Alan Del Pino. He's looking at the value of intellectual labour, and its potential problems in a future with products like Google Drive.
Producers: Tristan Johnson and Taniya Nagpal